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10 uses in the garden and at home

Our first instinct is to throw the coffee grounds, yet this product is a real treasure! It works wonders at home, in the garden and even for your skin or hair. It is indeed the basis of natural cleansers , deodorants, fertilizers and even… 100% natural beauty products! Sure, soon you will not be able to do without it!

With its small grains, coffee grounds are a good natural abrasive, it will help you get rid of the residue at the bottom of your pan without damaging it.

Like sodium bicarbonate, coffee grounds are a good natural deodorant. How to do ? Place a cup of coffee grounds in your fridge, it will drive out all bad smells !!

From time to time, mix a little coffee grounds with the soil of your green plants. Or spread a thin layer on top. Water. Do not abuse it, at too high a dose, it can however damage them

To prevent little beasts from devouring your pretty plant, place a few inches of coffee grounds around your plants, files hate that, they won’t come. Effective as long as the operation is repeated very regularly and after each rain.

Do not hesitate to throw it in your compost, it will serve as a natural activator, and help in its decomposition. If you have vermicompost, pour it in, earthworms are fond of it

Coffee grounds are a good exfoliant, in addition they naturally contain caffeine (like all anti-cellulite creams on the market), which will allow you to make a good anti-orange peel ally. Mix it in equal proportions with vegetable, olive, almond or coconut oil. Use this mixture in massages. You can keep this repair for several days in the refrigerator.

Once a week, massage the damp scalp with about 2 teaspoons of grounds, then rinse. Perfect if you have dark hair, but not recommended if you have light hair. Indeed, coffee being (…)

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