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3 Factors to Selecting a Pump for Pool Maintenance

What could be more attractive than a clean swimming pool on a summer afternoon? It is not often you get a chance to jump into a pool and when you do, you would certainly not want it to be filled with dirt. Summers are the main season when you would want to chill out in your pool, have pool parties and barbeque nights by your pool. Not to forget, a pool can be spotless only if it is maintained properly. Else, it would definitely be a turn off.

Generally what people do is, they leave out the pool when it is not in use and when they want to hang out in it they tend to spend more money cleaning all the filth in it. That’s sheer stupidity. What is more economical is to maintain the pool throughout the year, in all the seasons, so that both your pool is clean and also the money spent on the maintenance is less.

Pumping water is one aspect to keep the pools away from pollution. This is a very simple procedure. All you have to do is establish a pumping system in your pool so the water is pumped into the filtering unit for cleansing. This system removes all the visible dirt from your pool. The leaves, mud and other solid particles present in the water are removed by the filtering unit and the water is flushed back into the pool, fresh and clean.

If you are wondering how to select the pump for your pool, you need to know that there are various aspects which you have to consider. The types of pumps available could be widely classified into domestic purpose and commercial purpose commercial pool furniture. Most of the pumps have the same functionality but the capacity of each is different. This is the basis for the classification.

The essential factors that would help you in selecting the appropriate swimming pool pump are below.

> Frequency of the use of swimming pool:

It is normal for a pool to become dirty when it is used frequently. Hence, using a suitable water pump is really essential. It is mandatory for commercial swimming pools and water parks to install water pumps with a high capacity of circulation since many people use it. On the other hand, households do not require a pool pump with such high capacity of purification.

> Duration of utilization:

Commercial and public pool pumps run for 24 hours so it is required to set up a pump which could save power or run in power saving mode. Residential pumps are required to be run for at least 4 hours when the pool is not in use. During summer, when the pool is fully used, the pump should work continuously for 24 hours. So a pump which has an electronic timer would be a perfect choice.

> Capacity of the pool:

This goes without saying. The larger the pool the circulation of the water is larger which places a need for a pump with a good rate of flow. Also the minimum amount of time the pump takes to filter the entire pool is a determining factor.

Take off all your worries about dirty pools by putting up a well fit pool pump. Make a wise decision mate. It is an investment for your asset so you need to do a lot of research about your options and then decide on the best alternative possible.