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5 lighting ideas to beautify your garden

To extend the evenings on the terrace and make the most of your garden, lighting does a lot! We give you great ideas to create a real little cocoon of greenery.

With the current health situation, we necessarily stay more at home. And if you have a garden, you are very lucky! Whether small or large, having a little corner of greenery at home is a great asset that should not be overlooked. And as the warm weather arrives, you’re probably going to want to extend the evenings on the patio and make the most of your garden, right? That’s good, we give you great ideas to illuminate your garden, embellish it and make it warm.

Hanging bulbs

If you like the guinguette spirit, you will love the idea of ​​hanging light bulbs. These light garlands will bring a warm and intimate side to your garden, and they are also very easy to install. For good light, we recommend hanging at least two or three. If not, you can also create a sky of fairy lights, but it is bound to take a little more time and work for you.


For those who do not want to bother putting garlands in their garden, we offer the option of lanterns. To put on the ground, or to hang on tree branches, they will certainly have their little effect! For a romantic dinner or an aperitif with friends, the lanterns will be perfect to enjoy the garden even at night. You can choose them in wood, metal or bamboo according to your preferences.

Illuminated glass jars

For small budgets, glass jars to illuminate will be ideal. For this option, you just have to buy or take back small glass containers that you have at home, slip a candle inside or a fine light garland and you’re done! On Amazon, you can otherwise buy ready-made glass jars, with small lamps already integrated.

The paper lanterns

To bring color and a warm atmosphere to your garden, you can also choose paper lanterns to hang in a garland or everywhere on the branches of a tree. The advantage is that they are very easy to install and are generally cheaper than other fairy lights! You can choose them colored or white for a uniform garden.

Solar lights

For those who are short of time and who are looking for a practical solution without too much maintenance, we recommend solar lamps to be placed directly in the lawn. They will be perfect to bring touches of light to your garden, and immediately make it more welcoming. You can for example create a small path of solar lights, the rendering will be amazing!

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