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Black Friday ManoMano: Birco and garden good deals are coming soon

When we think of Black Friday, we often think of fashion, IT and high-tech, but not often DIY and house work. And yet, DIY enthusiasts can also have fun and make big savings during Black Friday, thanks to ManoMano. For those who do not know, ManoMano is an online sales sign that brings together a large number of carefully selected merchants to offer you the best DIY tools and accessories, at the best price. Whether you want a drill, sander, circular saw or a high pressure cleaner, ManoMano has it on the shelves, not to mention the hardware, paint, everything needed for its electrical installation, but also its plumbing, bathtubs and spa included. ManoMano is therefore the perfect place to equip yourself when you want to do work, whatever it is, or take care of your house and its exteriors, and Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to discover the site if you haven’t already.

ManoMano: already good deals before Black Friday

ManoMano: access to universes

Black Friday is back soon at ManoMano

This year, Black Friday arrives on November 27th. It’s very soon, and it’s just in time to get you ready for the holidays, if you have a loved one handyman who dreams of replacing their old drill or electric saw. In addition, like last year, ManoMano is not offering you a day of exceptional promotions, but an entire week, with its Black Friday Week: so you have time to think and educate yourself, to compare prices and characteristics. techniques and devices, before you decide. As ManoMano offers thousands of references, and many brands, such as Bosch, Karcher, Makita, Grohe, Legrand, Schneider Electric, and many others, on tools, but also equipment and accessories for your work , having a little time not to do anything is a significant plus: Black Friday allows you to save money, of course, but not just any old way. Thus, between Black Friday Week, then Black Friday on Friday November 27, whether you want to change your tools, prepare work in the bathroom, or install a stove or a reversible air conditioning, ManoMano gives you many opportunities to do savings.

ManoMano, many services at your disposal

With the choice offered by ManoMano, if you are afraid of making a mistake or if you hesitate, during Black Friday or the rest of the year, ManoMano offers advice online, in different forms. First, there are online advisers, accessible during the day, who are there to provide you with information during your purchases. They are specialists in their fields, craftsmen themselves or former building employees, and will know how to answer your questions concerning electricity, heating, or the best choice of electric saw for your work. You can chat with them by instant messaging or over the phone, whichever method you prefer. In addition to these advisers, ManoMano also offers a large number of advice sheets, which allow you to gather as much information as possible: they are often enough to guide your choices and answer your questions, if you are already more of a handyman. These sheets also offer tutorials for doing certain jobs, so you can get started with peace of mind. ManoMano also offers customer service available 7 days 7, but also a blog, which allows you to find inspiration, tips and tricks, and thus make the most of your Black Friday purchases!