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Chateau-Chalon. The Maison de la Haute Seille creates a poetic garden at the Froid Pignon

What is your project for the Maison de la Haute Seille, which you have been chairing for a few weeks?

“I am part of the continuity of Claude Sirugue’s action. Under his leadership, the association has gradually given itself the mission of leading discussions and actions in order to support tourist, cultural and economic development throughout the Bresse Haute Seille territory. This structuring work has borne fruit since the Froid Pignon welcomed more than 23,000 visitors in 2020, not to mention the local and regional “customers” used to frequent the site in mid-season, strolling to discover artistic expression. promoted by Art in freedom. “

A dozen visual artists will express themselves in the panoramic garden of the Froid Pignon

Alain David, president of the Maison de la Haute Seille

How will the association evolve?

“Our priority was to update and clarify the statutes of the association which were no longer in relation to its profound change. The tourist and cultural association of the hills of Haute Seille has naturally given way to the Maison de la Haute Seille. The headquarters have not changed, it is still located in the emblematic building of the Froid Pignon, firmly anchored in the base of the great abbey history of Château-Chalon. The association wished to broaden the range of its objectives and the board of directors went from 9 to 21 members, welcoming new volunteers with varied skills. “

Are you going to keep all the animations from previous seasons?

“Lively tastings (winegrowers’ walks, tasting evenings), fun workshops and initiation to tasting will always be on the program for this new season. The theatrical walks were a great success in 2020. It is planned to organize them in an even closer collaboration with Les Amis de Château-Chalon, whose July sound and light has been canceled. The author, the director and some actors have already responded to the call of President Alain Maigrot. We hope that other actors will join us for this fun adventure. Guided tours of the village will also be on the program. As for The Old School, it has undergone a makeover (cleaning, reorganization of cartography and windows) which bodes well for the celebration of its twentieth anniversary in 2022. The school will offer escape – thematic games whose riddles will focus on educational material from the 1930s. “

What will be new in 2021?

“We are going to create a poetic garden: within the framework of L’art en liberté, a dozen visual artists will express themselves in the panoramic garden of the Froid Pignon. To echo the gloom of the health crisis, the chosen theme is “solar”, “ground-air”, because freedom is knowing how to dance with one’s chains. This exhibition will be open to the public from June to September. From 2022, we plan to outsource Art in Freedom and create a circuit with art installations in neighboring villages. “

Maison de la Haute Seille, 26, place de l’Eglise, in Château-Chalon. Phone. Email: [email protected]