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Deco trends 2021 according to Emmanuelle Rivassoux, the home decorator for sale

Arrived in 2014, the famous interior designer Emmanuelle Rivassoux was quick to establish herself in the program “Maison à vente” on M6. And for good reason, the quadra literally works miracles with each of its interventions! So, when it’s not on the small screen, it’s on her Instagram account that the sidekick Stéphane Plaza shares her decorator gifts! Last January, Emmanuelle Rivassoux indeed unveiled the major decoration trends for 2021!

The mint green color and the yellow / gray duo to favor

Remember, in 2015, the color mint was the star of home decor stores! An omnipresence which has also had the gift of boring everyone … So much so that the “mint” almost immediately disappeared from the shelves! 6 years later, this color is therefore back in force to awaken our interior! “For a soft and relaxing decor, combine it with white and natural materials (linen, rattan, light wood, etc.). For a more sophisticated interior, the mint & matt black duo matches very well”, explains Emmanuelle Rivassoux.

Yellow and gray should also inspire you this year. This combo is THE trend of the year 2021 according to stylists. Thus, these colors should be found in our favorite ready-to-wear stores, but also on the shelves of decoration shops!

Lots of ceramic objects

“This year, we will find more and more ceramic in our interiors”, reveals Emmanuelle Rivassoux. Light fixtures, vases, wall decorations, furniture… Absolutely anything goes! “The famous colorful stools, available in all budgets, are a good way to bring a touch of ceramic and pep, like sculptures that stand out in our living rooms or turn into bedside tables in our bedrooms “, adds the decorator.

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