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discover his secret garden, his sublime dream home!

The French are used to Evelyne Dhéliat presenting the weather forecast on TF1. She always displays a broad smile that pleases viewers. She has a great professionalism linked to her great experience. Many people wonder where the weather presenter can live. Objeko will give you the details.

Evelyne Dhéliat opens its doors

Weather presenter of TF1 and LCI, it is with elegance that she opened the doors of her house to the journalists of Côté Maison and they saw several elements behind the scenes of her life. This program offers to regularly discover beautiful homes that often make you dream. We also got to see the TF1 star’s hobbies. Thus, viewers were able to discover his mad passion for antique objects, especially those dating from the 1930s and 1940s.

Évelyne Dhéliat adores the world of second-hand goods. She is also very handy and likes to renovate objects. Regularly, you can meet the presenter of TF1 frequents flea markets and other garage sales. She leaps at opportunities. She likes to stroll and find nuggets like all regular buyers on secondhand markets. It is always a festive and pleasant atmosphere. Often there are stalls offering food, the speakers spit out music.

Évelyne Dhéliat, fan of flea markets

Évelyne Dhéliat likes to buy objects that will decorate her house. It’s a real pleasure to do this stuff. Among the rooms that she particularly likes in her house, there is the living room and the kitchen. She enjoys having lunch or dinner with her friends or family members. It is always a moment of conviviality that she particularly appreciates.

When she received the journalists of the Côté Maison show, the presenter spoke about her furniture: “I like well-made furniture that has a soul. In the living room there are modern sofas, a small chest of drawers from the 1940s, certainly coming from the south. I unearthed famous pieces in the provinces in auctions. Sometimes you have to patch them up and clean them, but above all you have to keep their patina. My apartment is warm, it feels good there, my friends say. “

Evelyne Dhéliat: Place of calm

Évelyne Dhéliat lives in a warm house full of furniture that she is particularly fond of. Indeed, they all have a story. It is a space that allows him to recharge his batteries. It must be said that presenting the weather forecast requires a lot of effort and concentration. His job takes him a lot of time and energy. When she has time available, she really needs to let go and recharge. It was in the South of France that she found her happiness.

So, since her youth, she goes to Saint-Jean-de-Luz to enjoy the summer and the very pleasant climate. Of this region and this city, she keeps exceptional memories and remembers, as if it were yesterday, child’s games such as sack races, sandcastle competitions, carriage rides and walks in the market. .

Evelyne Dhéliat: Saint-Jean-de-Luz is a city that matters a lot to the presenter. A place that allows him to relax and totally relax. A moment of calm which she takes full advantage of. She would like to be able to go there more often than she currently does. She invites the friends who are there, the landscapes of this countryside that she adores, the sea, a dream setting which makes her feel good and which allows her to give her all when she returns to Paris.

It must be said that Evelyne Dhéliat is the most famous weather presenter in France. Her longevity and her smile make her one of the favorite personalities of the French. She started out as a presenter on the then public television, ORTF. Loved by the general public, she also presents the Eurovision Grand Prix. His career at TF1 continued in the 1980s with the presentation of Delighted to see you and The TF1 House. She becomes the weather miss of the front page, and wins several prizes in this category so thatshe was appointed in 2003 responsible service TF1 weather forecast.