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Editorial Roundtable: Did the pandemic fuel any home improvement projects?

Stacia Hahn, Chief Financial Officer

How about building a new home for a pandemic home improvement project? Actually, we started on the build in April of 2019 with it scheduled to be done in May of 2020. So, when COVID hit and businesses were ordered to shut down, I was immediately concerned that it would be delayed and who knew for how long. Not good. The great news was that construction was categorized as an essential business. Then I started thinking about supply chain and could our builder get the needed items to complete the project? A quick conversation with them and they assured me that most orders needed for completion had been placed and we should be good to go. This was by far the biggest project I’ve bitten off in my lifetime. If I counted the amount of emails, texts, phone calls that took place over this period I might lose it (cry or laugh). It’s literally thousands. Decisions such as type of trim, flooring, cabinets, kitchen design, windows, patio stone, landscape design, paint color, lighting, deck cabling, smart home features, furniture choices, doggie gates for Madison, and on and on. It does make your head spin. I wanted everything perfect. This was a large investment for Eric and I and it was our home. In the end, the sleepless nights, countless amount of design decisions, and hard work by all our skilled contractors helped us wrap up our dream home in the middle of the pandemic of 2020. We love it.