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Experts Say Pandemic Expected To Bring Lasting Changes To Home Design | Webster Kirkwood Times


More people are going to want a home that offers plenty of room and outdoor space in case they need to self-isolate again.  


COVID-19 has brought changes to everything, and home design is no exception. Experts are expecting to see lasting impacts on everything from the materials used to the rooms we prioritize. Check out these and other noteworthy trends: 

• Houses Over Apartments. Many people who live in condos or apartments do so to be closer to the action — work, entertainment and shops — and never planned on spending much time at home. But the pandemic has changed that, and more people are going to want a home that offers plenty of room and outdoor space in case they need to self-isolate again.  

• Self Sufficiency. A hard lesson learned is that things and services people came to count on aren’t necessarily a sure thing, so items that increase self-reliance will become very popular. Expect to see more homes with sources of energy like solar panels, sources of heat like fireplaces and stoves, and even urban and indoor gardens that allow people to grow their own produce.

• Outdoor Living. Between playgrounds closing and parks becoming crowded, many are turning to balconies, patios and backyards for fresh air and nature. This means investing more in outdoor spaces, with functional kitchens, soothing water features, cozy firepits and high-quality outdoor furniture to create a much-needed escape. 

• Healthier Spaces. Thanks to spending more time indoors and reprioritizing health concerns, many will turn to design to help ensure that homes are safe and healthy for their families. 

Expect to see a rise in products like water filtration systems as well as materials that improve indoor air quality. For new homes and additions alternatives to wood-framing — like insulated concrete forms, which offer improved ventilation for healthier indoor air quality and an environment that’s less susceptible to mold — will be key. 

• Home Office Space. Business experts are suggesting many companies will see that working from home is not only possible, but offers tangible benefits, like saving money on office space rent. With working from home on the rise, creating a home office space that inspires productivity will be a major project many will tackle. Luxury home office furniture that feels chic and blends into a home’s decor as well as ergonomic chairs and desks will see a major boost. 

• Custom & Quality. With the hit to the economy, people are going to be buying less, but what they do buy will be better quality, while at the same time making an effort to support American businesses. When it comes to design, trends will shift to locally made furniture, custom-built homes and pieces and materials that stand the test of time.