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Garage Door Repair in Gresham: Should You Repair or Replace Your Garage Door?

Last updated on October 6, 2020

Problems With Your Garage Door? | Contact Our Repair Team In Gresham, OR

Weather, wind, and age can take their toll on your garage door.  Either your garage suddenly breaks down or appears with minimum repairs, you will have to consider a garage door repair.

Letting small repairs go unnoticed can turn them into larger and more expensive repairs or you might end up replacing your entire garage door.

Because your garage door makes up a substantial part of your home’s exterior, it’s important to keep it functional and in-style.  It is one way of maintaining the value of your home and keeping a good eye on the ROI (return of investment) of your garage door.

Top Garage Door Issues:  Repair or Replacement?

Improving the value of your home with garage door repair does not necessarily require a full replacement.  Sometimes a repair can cure the pains of your garage door.

We would like to help you determine whether you need a garage door replacement or repair through these top garage door issues:

  • The Garage door breaks down

This problem usually happens when a single piece of your garage door is malfunctioning.  If your garage door suddenly stops working, check for a dead battery in the remote before calling a garage door repair professional.  Replace the batteries of the remote and if it still doesn’t work and if you can’t open it manually, it is time to call a professional.

  • The garage door is unusually heavy

A garage door is balanced with two springs that make it easier to lift.  These springs wear and tear over time and when they do, they do not provide as much assistance in raising the door as they should.  

If your garage door feels unusually heavy because of malfunctioning springs, all you need is a replacement from a garage door repair professional.

  • Garage door damage to a single panel

If you don’t let the damage to a single panel of your garage door linger, you can just replace that particular panel.  Damages to a panel can strain the lift mechanism of your garage door and leaving it unrepaired can cause damage to other panels.

  • Sagging look

One of the issues of garage door repairs is when a garage door hangs unevenly when it is partly raised.  This can also be caused by broken or worn out springs so all you need is a spring replacement.

  • Cosmetic Damages

Chipped paint, a cracked panel, or fading are common examples of damages to your garage door that affect its external beauty.  

Although they do not affect the functioning and operation of your garage door, it is crucial to address them with garage door repair to maintain curb appeal.

  • Structural Damage

Severe weather conditions and the age of your garage door can cause warping making your garage door lose its structural integrity.

When this happens, consider if a single panel or if multiple panels are damaged.  Since many garage doors consist of several panels, you may get away with replacing only the damaged ones rather than replacing the entire door.

If warping is not severe, you may have it repaired by repainting and resealing by a professional garage door repair specialist.

Garage Door Repair and Replacement Costs

The national average cost for garage door repairs including materials and labor is $207. Installing a new panel starts at $250 for a simple 9’ panel.  It can cost as high as $700 or more for an elaborate 16’ panel.

A garage door replacement and installation costs $1,115 on average.  This includes labor, the garage door itself, tracks, and any hardware needed.  There will be additional costs depending on the design and material you choose for your garage door.

Garage Door Repair in Gresham

Deciding to get a garage door repair or a replacement of parts, a panel, or an entire garage door depends on the severity of the damage on your garage door.  Check what is covered by your warranty, get price estimates on repairs and replacements, whichever is necessary, and decide which is more economical.