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Homemade frangipane and gluten-free choux pastry with Marion Gastine from the Jardin des Anges in Capbreton

The Garden of Angels de Capbreton, 6 Rue des Corsaires is a real good address for all gourmets. Pastry, chocolate, bakery and even ice cream maker, you will inevitably find your happiness with in addition a range of savory products to discover at the moment such as the new small cakes and desserts.

the Jardin des Anges in Capbreton or the beautiful story of Marion and Brendan

Marion Gastine and Brendan Banchou and their team are true enthusiasts always looking for new recipes and new flavors. Marion and Brendan, two potential young talents united in the city as on the stage for a work in total synergy, the clients know it well and are not mistaken. In their shop we come to look for the traditional but also for originality like their now famous Paris-Brest with pecan nuts or some of their products made without gluten or sugar or lactose to delight intolerant people. .

Marion Gastine and Brendan Banchou from the Jardin des Anges in Capbreton
Marion Gastine and Brendan Banchou from the Jardin des Anges in Capbreton

Will you take some recipes from our Capbretonnais?

Nothing like a good homemade galette des rois, a frangipane. With Marion and Brendan’s recipe of the day, you will make the puff pastry yourself and you will make a smooth cream before going to assembly and baking. Find the recipe in pictures on the Facebook page of Garden of Angels.

For those who suffer from gluten intolerance and who would like to be able to eat some cream puffs for example, opt for the gluten-free choux pastry offered by Marion. A simple and classic recipe, there are only a few ingredients that change.

All the recipes to find by listening to the program again, it’s up to you!