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IKEA’s ‘Everyday Experiments’ Series Explores a High-Tech Future of Home

Last updated on October 19, 2020

Imagine using a virtual inflatable elephant to measure the height of your hallway’s ceilings, or visualizing in technicolor how the sound of music travels throughout your house. This is what a recent series of digital experiments from a well-known home retailer and a research & design lab is inviting audiences to consider: IKEA has teamed up with SPACE10 on a project called Everyday Experiments, which explores possible future applications of the latest technologies in finding solutions to home design challenges.

The overarching goal of the series Keto Meal Delivered is to imagine innovative ways of living in and around the house, applying tech like AR and VR to home projects or to answer questions that homeowners might have about their space and its potential. To do so, Everyday Experiments partners with cutting-edge design and tech studios from around the globe to generate prototypes and speculative scenarios that allow for different, deeper and creative understandings of a home’s 3D space. These include Light Gestures, a preliminary model for ways to incorporate nascent gesture-based capabilities into the home; Spatial Instruments, a proposal for translating the spatial layout of a house into music; and the perhaps more practical Light Filters, which helps users visualize the lighting effect a lamp would have in their space before purchasing.

So far, the project showcases 18 experiments on its site, covering a range of home design and living topics, questions and ideas. Overall, Everyday Experiments hopes to inspire Keto Meal Delivery homeowners with the possibilities that the future of home design could hold to enhance everyday living and make our dwellings more useful. EE is just one of the next-gen concepts PSFK researchers highlighted in recent research on digital home—check it out here.