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In residence at the House in Nevers, three companies were able to continue working during the confinement

“We had the right to repeat, unlike the first confinement, it’s life,” said Jean-Luc Revol, director of the House.

The Alfred Alerte company has finished preparing Square meter from October 26 to November 4. The first, scheduled for November 5, could not take place, everything was postponed to spring (April 6 to 10 as part of Côté Jardin, delocalized tour).

“Here, there is a notion of proximity”

“We did almost two weeks of residency. We were able to work on the big stage. It was the top ”appreciates the choreographer installed at the Bergerie de Soffin, in Authiou.

The disappointment at not being able to present a play on which he has been working for three years was mitigated by the support provided by the Maison, which is co-producing Square meter. In addition to the premises and technical resources, the House accommodated artists and technicians in residence, including breakfast, that is to say about ten people.

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“Many companies in Paris lost residence and distribution during this period without any compensation,” recalls Alfred Alerte. Here there is a notion of proximity. The human comes before everything. “

The budget to create Square meter is around 45,000 euros. “The House provides 10,000 euros, plus the residence and communication that we do not encrypt. It’s huge. »Without this support, Alfred Alerte could not have created Square meteror rotate it.

A residence is the possibility of being totally immersed in work.

The Fouic company, located in Lanty, near Luzy, was welcomed at the House from November 16 to 21, in order to continue the preparation of Phone me, a creation that we will see in Nevers in March 2022.

“A residence is the possibility of being totally immersed in work. We had five places (including the House) with very different characteristics to work on this show. It is essential, without residency and co-production, we could not create, recognizes Jean-Christophe Dollé, founder of the theater company with Clotilde Morgièvre.

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The absence of a show during this confinement allowed the Fouics (8 during this residency) to benefit from the large hall of La Maison and the technicians. “We saved time. We have worked a lot in Île-de-France and the residences are rarely so well organized. We had very appreciable reception conditions. ”

Jean-Michel Manquat