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Jeanne Mas, part of France, discover her secret garden, her haven of peace, her house and her current life in Arizona

Jeanne Mas had several lives. Definitely, it is the news in the United States that she prefers. We tell you all about this change of course!

In the video above, we barely recognize Jeanne Mas. And for good reason. This is his first television appearance. Known on the airwaves, the public did not yet know her face. They will not be disappointed with the trip. In any case, in the heart of the 80s, his records were selling like hot cakes. However, his appearance is changing. It changes turning the page of this punk style which is totally outdated. Fans will find it hard to forgive him for this turnaround. So that instead of taking a pseudonym, she decides to take off!

A difficult but necessary start

We are right in the middle of the 2000s. At the time of the events, Jeanne Mas could no longer be at the heart of the controversy. We know it is strongly weakened by the consequences of the star system. His conflict with the host Nagui will be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Instead of cowardly and disrespectfully running away from her fans, she decides to announce it to the public at a farewell concert. Of course, social media will help us hear from him. Yet at first, nothing is going to happen as she could have imagined.

Moreover, Jeanne Mas admits that she leaves almost nothing behind. She has no regrets, because all her old connections in the business have melted like snow in the sun. We turn our backs to him. His musical projects do not end in France. Maybe she will have better luck on the other side of the Atlantic?

A useful reconstruction

The United States is vast. The atmosphere and the mentality of the inhabitants change from one state to another. This is why Jeanne Mas will take a long time to find this soothing place. At first, she was in California then in New York. However, it is in Arizona that it ends up landing. Granted, his first ranch is in the middle of nowhere. Its only companions are scorpions and coyotes. But after all, this silence is far from deafening. Far from the bustle of the Big Apple or the capital, it needs it so much to move forward.

Finally, Jeanne Mas will end up getting tired of being away from you. We will never know if it is the threat of another burnout that prompts her to move again. Close to an urban community, she now lives in a loft. And his pets are much less dangerous since they are two … rabbits! She doesn’t need more to be happy. As promised, Objeko presents its new habitat to you.

For Jeanne Mas, decoration is very important. This is why, in an article in Le Parisien, she describes each piece with care. The bathroom is typically oriental and has black and white tiles. Then, inside her patio, we discover that the singer has a green thumb. She takes care of her succulents so well. And they pay him back. Finally, in terms of the texture of the furniture, she favored linen or velvet. Fan of pastel blue, she finds that she suits her complexion because she looks like the color of the sky. Life is so beautiful !

Words saved him

Regarding her career, is there any hope of seeing her again on the Stars 80 tour? For now, no one knows. In any case, concerned about animal welfare, Jeanne Mas is a convinced vegan. Strange, strange, it recalls the philosophy of the favorite host of the French. Will this argument be enough to reconcile them? Nagui should read his book My life is an apple. He clearly explains his choice of diet. As for the music, it is always present in his mind. At the start of the pandemic, his album Love had illuminated the daily lives of his fans. Like what, the saying Out of sight out of mind will never apply with it!