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Korian is developing shared accommodation between seniors as an alternative housing solution

The baby boomers of yesterday are becoming the grandpa boomers of today. Korian, through its Ages & Vie system, has reflected on the issues and needs of new retirees by creating an original and perfectly adapted response for these seniors of today and tomorrow. Explanations.

Ages & Vie’s solution to meet a new generational demand

The many births since the 1950s, in the aftermath of the war, had economic consequences still visible today. Longer life expectancy and a fall in the birth rate have led to a demographic aging.

Although this is a demographic that lives longer and is better cared for, the aging of the population and its consequences represent a major challenge for all of Europe today. Based on this observation, Ages & Vie is working to define new structures to support aging.

Most happy seniors

In a 2020 study carried out by the Ipsos Institute for the Korian foundation, we discover that 70% of French people over 65 say they live their age well. In addition, 61% of seniors in France experience the pleasure of living, and 67% of them feel fulfilled. They are convinced that their life is still full of wealth after retirement.

Today, the “Old People” that Brel sang are no longer represented by retirees. When we ask the French: “ who are they really? », All agree that it is only the people over 80, that represent currently 6% of the population.

This figure is therefore likely to increase but today, these 6% of octogenarians include:

  • 65% of women,
  • 35% men,
  • a total of 5.8 million people in France,
  • an increase of 3 million people in just 10 years!

Korian supports these seniors on a daily basis to offer them the best every day : nursing homes, service residences, support service residences or even home care and hospitalization support, the range of offers is quite large so that everyone can find their way.

However, it is clear that with a generation of seniors who feel fully living their age and are still autonomous and very active, Korian and Ages & vie have considered a solution combining independence and inclusion. This is how the idea of ​​the roommate between seniors.

Shared accommodation between seniors Made in Ages & Vie

When we ask seniors about their concerns about old age, the criteria most often come up:

  • addiction,
  • isolation,
  • Autonomy loss.

The senior roommate offered by Ages & Vie is a innovative accommodation and support solution that combats these three anxieties characteristics.

This solution is complementary to EHPAD and nursing homes. The concept was designed and implemented by Korian via the Ages & Vie turnkey solution, to respond to the growing development of the elderly, and therefore to the strong demand of the population, but also of the municipalities.

Unlike a classic retirement home, Ages & Vie wanted to innovate by offering a concept that promotes the autonomy of the elderly.

Senior shared accommodation: a shared and adapted house

The senior roommate relies above all on the social bond, thanks to the idea of ​​colocation or:

  • each has their own studio, consisting of a bedroom and an independent bathroom, where they can bring all their furniture and personal belongings,
  • common areas where all get together for meals and where you can invite whoever you want (children, grandchildren, etc.): kitchen, living room and garden.

Thus, the shared house, which accommodates a maximum of 8 people, is completely secure, equipped and adapted to their desire for independence, but also to their assistance needs, since the roommates are accompanied by carers present 24 hours a day.

The carers are more like hosts and hostesses, present to ensure a personalized assistance and support service, over time, depending on the respective personalities of the roommates, their autonomy and the evolution of their needs, without them having to stay in a clinic or nursing home.

Sometimes several generations are united under the same roof, since some of the carers live on the 1st floor with their families, in official accommodation, thus offering seniors a intergenerational and dynamic environment.

The main strengths of this type of alternative housing for the elderly are their great adaptability, thus the seniors are not disturbed by this move, most often necessary. Everything is done so that the roommates keep their bearings.

Older roommates involved in local life

Ages & Vie shared residences are located in the very heart of the municipalities, close to shops, and are open to local life, with the aim of promote local social and intergenerational ties. This means that the elderly continue to be an integral part of the local life of the municipality and therefore of society.

This involves double benefits, both for the occupants themselves and for the municipalities, who are delighted to welcome these new ways of living. Thus, for residents, we can highlight:

  • a soothing and reassuring living environment where we keep our habits and where we live as normally as possible,
  • a family and intergenerational living environment in shared houses, which combine the advantages of private life and common life, in order to combat loneliness and maintain ties with loved ones,
  • a open living environment linked to the urban or village fabric, close to local health actors, shops, etc.

With regard to the areas that host Ages & Vie shared houses, the interests are multiple :

  • a response to strong demand populations,
  • of sustainable local jobs and not relocatable,
  • activity for traders as well as a enriched cultural and social life,
  • of attractiveness and a positive image,
  • of the tranquility and one custom project mounted from A to Z and managed in the long term.

Korian is committed to the community

By working towards better care for the elderly, Korian through its Ages & Vie system is committed and signs a real manifesto for the community at large.

Given the real challenges linked to the global aging of the population, the whole world must face up to respond to this problem through adapted and personalized proposals. With such a turnkey solution, Ages & Vie brings new development perspectives for municipalities.

The French territory has changed significantly in just 10 years with the emergence of:

  • 50 shared apartments spread over 30 municipalities in different environments,
  • 350 roommates aged 88 on average, in loss of autonomy or in a situation of handicap,
  • 200 carers Korian approved,
  • of assistance and support services to live as normally as possible.

Since this partnership between Korian and Ages & Vie, the group has seen further to support the needs of our aging French population, by providing for the creation of more than 300 shared houses by 2024, i.e. more than 3,000 accommodation places that will allow the creation of 1,500 local carer jobs. Premises and jobs that are sustainable over the long term and cannot be relocated, which is a strong point for the municipalities.

During the 2020 municipal elections, municipalities increasingly engaged in action plans to upgrade seniors, if it has not already been done. Promote intergenerational links or set up specific and adapted housing are some of the solutions advanced in different campaign programs.

By the end of this calendar year, these are more than 40 senior shared flats which should open their doors in around twenty municipalities, with licensed health professionals. Shared houses on a human scale which are real alternative accommodation solutions for personalized support for the elderly by providing 360 ° care made in Korian.

The general common stake for the future of our seniors

The word being taken as a whole, the seniors can thus benefit from :

  • relational,
  • nurturers,
  • affective,
  • medical.

And the municipalities easily integrate these projects of general interest on their land sold at non-speculative prices. Thus, Ages & Vie works in full partnership with town halls without appealing to municipal finances. A whole program for these territories which fight every day for always better integrate their seniors, and not relegate them only to the rank of declining spectators, but make them actors in their life and in local civil life.

By offering shared accommodation for seniors, Ages & Vie anticipated a new demand that seeks inclusion and independence while promoting the link.

Address isolation and loss of autonomy, Those are two key factors so that our seniors can age with peace of mind. With the shared houses from Ages & Vie, Korian provides a solution for seniors, but also for communities that have to face a real challenge at their own level.