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La Tour-du-Crieu. The magic of Christmas makes houses and facades sparkle

The magic of Christmas takes hold of the inhabitants and illuminates houses and facades. During this period when towns and villages were adorned with their most beautiful adornments and sparkling lights, Damien made reindeer, Santa Claus, fir trees and garlands shine on his house and garden in La Tour-du-Crieu.

Municipal employee in the maintenance of stadiums and grounds, Damien has a green thumb but also follows in the ideas for Christmas to be a truly magical moment, and ecological too. “For the decorations, they are only led garlands with either light tubes or stalactite-type garlands. For patterns such as Santa’s sleigh, I completely redesigned this year by replacing the old light tubes with led, more economical and ecological ”, explains Damien, who makes his house sparkle after dark.

This little world made of fairy-like characters flashes warmly, hanging from the roof, hanging from the balcony or proudly placed in the middle of the garden. A passion for this young man who, before becoming an owner and decorating his house in La Tour-du-Crieu, did the same with his parents in Pamiers so that the festive spirit and the magic of Christmas come alive.