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Large spring maneuvers, for the home and the garden, the solution is online

The long winter of the pandemic, which seemed to never end, has passed: between one restriction and another; between red, orange and yellow areas; locked in the house while waiting to be able to resume a normal life; but it’s over. And so, now that summer has finally arrived, the great maneuvers have begun: everyone is arranging balconies, terraces and gardens, because we can’t take it anymore; and at the same time, all at work with the traditional spring cleaning and small household maintenance, which cannot be neglected and which for many are still a hobby and a satisfaction. Want to know how satisfying it is to fix the leaking sink pipe yourself, instead of having to call the plumber? Or do you paint the garage, cellar or tavern yourself without hiring a painter?

For beginners, here are some useful tips to better design open spaces, starting with outdoor furniture. Plastic garden furniture can be restored to its original splendor with a solution of one liter of hot water, one teaspoon of dish soap and one spoonful of baking soda , while wooden ones should be cleaned with a sponge soaked in water and neutral soap. . For wrought iron furniture, on the other hand, after removing the dust, a solution of water and ammonia can be used; then, once dry, they should be polished with a brush (or a cloth) dipped in olive oil and then wiped with a dry cloth.

For home do-it-yourselfers, however, while it may seem counterintuitive, vegetable oil can be used to clean hands soiled with paint or grease. And excellent results are also obtained with coffee grounds which, thanks to their abrasive power, become an excellent paste for washing hands.

Between a coat of paint and mowing the lawn, between grouting the wall and cleaning the garden table, however, to avoid damage it is always good to have the right equipment on hand for each job. job. And to find everything you need for the garden and outdoor furniture (including barbecues that reignite around this time), for DIY and for home decor, home furnishings and DIY, the right place is still the eBay Marketplace: thousands of items for every need and every wallet always just a click away. Do you need a lawn mower? There is. Missing a drill? She’s there. Do you want a swimming pool in the garden? Here I am. Do you need a lamp to brighten up the room? There is also that. Claw, parrot and ladder? They are there too.

In short, the eBay Marketplace is almost like a “virtual cellar” where you can find whatever you need, when you need it. And, with the coupon that you find in this section of eBay, giving new life to your home and garden is even more convenient: from May 3 to 16 you can get a super 10% discount (up to a maximum reduction of 50 euros, with a single use authorized for each user) on the entire selected inventory, products and objects for outdoor and gardening. The perfect way to make the most of summer, bringing the best in the business, without sacrificing savings.