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On Noirmoutier island, his house decorated for Christmas makes cars slow

Marinette Bregeon is passionate about decorations and more particularly around Christmas. (© Courrier Vendéen.)

Christmas decorations that slow down cars and delight local residents

Marinette and Michel Bregeon live at 39, rue des Douves de Beaulieu in Noirmoutier-en-L’île since the early 1960s.

“I have always liked decoration, explains Marinette, I worked for a good ten years at the retirement home of Noirmoutier in the island, and I had already had the idea, during a meal of Christmas, to decorate the tables for our elders ”.

Visible until January 10

At the time Marinette Bregeon and her colleagues improvised with what they had on hand, sheets would serve as tablecloths and paper decorations would adorn the tables, all to the delight of the residents. “I was brought up in a boarding school where the Christmas season was very marked. As for the decorations, I started when my children were small and especially when we moved into this big house. Over the years, I have acquired sets, for twenty years I have been collecting them ”.

The octogenarian explains: “This year I started its implementation in mid-November at the rate of 4 hours a day, in order to be ready to highlight its subjects on December 8. These illuminations will remain in place until January 10 or 15, 2021.

72 subjects installed in the garden!

In the retirees’ garden, 72 subjects were installed, the 72 connections were all tested before they were put in place, for lighting before nightfall and which turns off around midnight each year. year because of the curfew the lights will be cut off around 8 pm ”.

The illuminated garden.
The illuminated garden. (© Courrier Vendéen.)

The locals look forward to each December. They wait for the sets to be set up. Several neighbors venture with their toddlers into this garden with our permission and with great care not to trip over the many electrical wires.

Marinette Bregeon

This year, because of sanitary measures, Marinette Brégeon will not dress up as Santa Claus as she does every year to distribute cakes and mulled wine to visitors of all ages in her neighborhood.

But the garden is only the visible part of the decorations put in place by the couple, because the house conceals many and different sketches inside, and this in all the rooms. “Each year after dismantling and storing the sets in large boxes, I already have new ideas that come to me for the following year and I imagine new activities”.