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Real Estate Matters: 8.12.2020

Many homes are up for sale throughout Northern Maine. One thing that can make or break a potential sale is the home interiors. But there is something you can do to improve upon that. Shawn Cunningham talks to a local realtor who has some insights in this week’s Real Estate Matters.

Putting your home on the market can be a daunting task. Especially when it pertains to opening up the privacy of your home to strangers and potential buyers. A home that sells is usually one that’s inviting and well decorated. And that’s where something called staging comes into play.

Stephanie Fields Realtor, Fields Realty LLC.

“when you’re putting your house on the market the preparation and presentation are the keys to boosting the home’s value and now especially with people shopping online the web appeal is just as important as the curb appeal so you want to take we as realtors wanna take some staging listing photos and videos that’ll go along way to boosting the home’s virtual appeal and help it sell.”

Shawn Cunningham NO STANDUP

Think Better Homes and Garden, Town and Country or Architectural Digest. And while those magazines boast homes and home furnishings that no doubt are very expensive…Fields says good decor and creative staging really doesn’t have to cost a lot.

“home staging doesn’t have to be costly time consuming process especially if your home is in good shape we want buyers to easily envision themselves in the home and it is important for sellers to declutter and depersonalize that might cloud the vision.”

A few knick knacks, some well placed plants and removing some family pictures, some replaced carpeting or rugs, a throw pillow here or there and voila…some staging accents that could move a home from FOR SALE to SOLD. And if you don’t have an interior decorating talent…Fields says realtors can help…

“a friend of somebody that we know that is good with staging and say can you help us sellers may have people they know its really on what the seller feels comfortable with.”

And how comfortable a potential buyers feels when they see the space…either in person or virtually. And she has some last minute advice that sometime people overlook…

“another thing would be the deep cleaning of course you don’t want to live in a dirty home and neither does a potential buyer but again declutter or depersonalize people have worked very hard to get the home where it is but when you get to the point of selling you want to start depersonalize because the buyers may not have the same taste as you.”

Shawn Cunningham, NS 8.

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