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Rendezvous at the Remarkable Garden of the Maison d’Edith Ruisseau Blanc on Friday June 4, 2021

Ruisseau Blanc The Remarkable Garden of the Maison d’Edith Ruisseau Blanc

Meet at the Remarkable Garden of the Maison d'Edith

Meet at Le Jardin Remarquable gardens at Maison d’Edith, June 4, 2021 – June 4, 2021, Ruisseau Blanc.

Meet at the gardens
from Friday June 4 to Saturday June 5 at Le Jardin Remarquable de la Maison d’Edith
You will cross the threshold of a hundred-year-old Creole hut, inhabited by the memory of Edith and Freddy Commins. These strong and endearing characters were the real players in the economic development of the island thanks to their “choca rope” factory. This flashback to Reunion Island at the turn of the century will be very smooth. You will stroll in this garden, labeled “remarkable garden” in 2017 by the Department of Cultural Affairs. This property on the mountainside is not a pretentious garden. Beyond being beautiful, it is just useful. Grandfather Freddy, a mechanical engineer, such as Geo FindTou, designs and organizes his judicious irrigation system to support the property and its mill. Its lava stone staircase, its manometer basin, its cascading filtration basins, its swimming pool, its former water tank, and its immense schefflera foot will immerse you in the atmosphere of this former farm where every object had to be decorated. to be as useful as it is beautiful.
Special rate € 8 / Adult € 4 / Child under 12 Payment: Cash or checks – Limited to 15 people per group – Registration required
Everything that is not told is forgotten. And telling a story is to make it immortal.

The Remarkable Garden of the Maison d’Edith 59 chemin Commins Ruisseau Blanc

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