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send a card or have lucky lily of the valley delivered for May 1st

MUGUET – May 1 is approaching, it is an opportunity to flower your home with a sprig of lily of the valley, to please your loved ones by opting for home delivery of a bouquet of lucky lily of the valley or simply by sending them a photo or card of this pretty flower.

[Mis à jour le 16 avril à 14h56] The picking of the lily of the valley begins in order to be able to flower your houses on the occasion of May 1st. Good news, despite the confinement and closure of certain stores, florists, but also garden centers, can remain open. So you can easily get a sprig or a bouquet of lily of the valley on the weekend of May 1st. To offer this lucky flower to your loved ones, you can opt for home delivery. Many brands offer this solution, even for delivery on May 1st. Here is all you need to know.

Do you know why lily of the valley is in the spotlight on Labor Day? If the white bell flower is sold on May 1, it is first of all a question of tradition which goes back to 1561. Charles IX, who had received a bit on that date, decided to offer it to the ladies of the court each year. Then the tradition became really popular in 1900 when lily of the valley found itself at the center of a party organized by Parisian couturiers on 1er may. In the language of flowers, lily of the valley has been a lucky charm since the Middle Ages, quite simply because it symbolizes the return of spring and announces the beautiful days. May was also the month of weddings and the engaged couple hung a bouquet of lily of the valley on the door of their future bride. When you receive or offer lily of the valley, count the number of bells: if there are 13, it is a symbol of eternal bliss!

Despite the lockdown and closure restrictions for some non-essential businesses, florists can remain open through April. You can easily get some on May 1 to flower your house or apartment. But unfortunately, due to the restriction of movement on French territory, you will not be able to visit your loved ones to offer them a pretty brown lucky lily of the valley. The solution : home delivery of thrush. Here is a non-exhaustive list of stores where you can buy and have your lily of the valley delivered by early May:

Watercolor : as every year, the brand offers the delivery of scented lily of the valley from April 20 to April 1. The little extra, it is picked with its roots so that you can replant it for the next year.

Interflora : good news, Interflora delivers lily of the valley even on May 1st.

Florajet : from the sprigs of lily of the valley to the special floral composition on May 1st, Florajet offers home delivery of lucky lily of the valley in 4 hours, throughout France on the occasion of May 1st. We should not deprive ourselves of it!

France Flowers : on the occasion of May 1st, France Fleurs offers delivery of lily of the valley to your loved ones and promises shipping everywhere in France in 24 hours. Do not hesitate to order in advance.

Bloom & Wild : in pot, vase, sprig or bouquet, Bloom & Wild offers home delivery of lily of the valley from April 23. Schedule delivery now.

123 Flowers : you will inevitably find what you are looking for at 123 Fleurs to have lily of the valley delivered to your loved ones on the occasion of May 1st. They deliver everywhere in France, even on the weekend of May 1st. Enjoy it!

On the occasion of May 1st, it’s time to share a sprig or a bouquet of lily of the valley with your loved ones. Lily of the valley celebrates the arrival of spring and represents a real lucky charm. We’ve thought of all of those who couldn’t offer thrush in person. We have thus selected for you the most beautiful photos and images of lily of the valley so that you can send a little luck to your friends and family. Lily of the valley, bouquet of lily of the valley, image of lucky lily of the valley or rather photo of lily of the valley in a garden … You just have to make your choice! Choose an image or a photo, click on the magnifying glass and right click to “save as” the lily of the valley you like:

To bring good luck to your friends and family, you can send them a May Day lily of the valley card. Our animated cards will create surprises in mailboxes to celebrate Labor Day. You can schedule your card to be sent to the recipient of your choice and it will be sent with your message on the date and time indicated. Whether you prefer a photo or an image of lily of the valley, here is our selection:

The bells of the lily of the valley do not fail to seduce each year but bring in the flower of the 1er May in our interiors is not without risk because it contains convallarin, a very toxic substance. You will therefore have to be vigilant if you buy a sprig of lily of the valley or a bouquet. Never let babies and young children play with thrush and call a poison control center right away if, despite your vigilance, your child has chewed a bit of thrush. You will also need to be especially vigilant if you have pets as ingestion can cause fatal poisoning. Know that the entire plant is poisonous and even the water in the vase. So be sure to place your sprigs of thrush in a place inaccessible to cats, dogs and other companions.

Lily of the valley photo
© Profotokris – Fotolia

In regions where winters are rather mild, lily of the valley is planted in the middle of autumn. For places most exposed to winter cold, it will be good to wait for the end of the frosts, during the month of March. It is necessary to plant the claws (underground part of the stem with several roots as well as a living bud) shallowly enough for the bud to protrude from the ground. The latter must be fresh, loose and sufficiently rich. Prefer compost to fertilizer.
If you plant your lily of the valley in the ground, choose a place similar to an undergrowth to provide shade and moisture to the plant. If you want a real massif, count about fifteen claws per m². But if you are patient, your thrush will proliferate on its own if it feels good where it is.

Planted or potted lily of the valley does not require any maintenance other than regular watering. Its worst enemy: dry soil that traps its roots. So do not hesitate to water it a little each evening, especially in summer, but do not wet the foliage which does not support it. If you received lily of the valley in a pot, you can easily plant it in the garden after flowering. When the strands are cut, remember to trim the bottom of the stems at an angle and place them in a vase half filled with water, making sure that the leaves do not soak in the water. Avoid placing the vase in the sun or in a draft. To keep thrush longer, change the water regularly.

Lily of the valley blooms normally from late April to mid-May, just in time to come on May 1 as a lucky charm. Its flowering is very short, but for growing in an apartment, it is possible to play with the light to speed up or slow down the process, with the aim of having pretty bells on May 1st.