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“The Crown”, pee break, waffle iron: the lunar interview with Prince Harry

LReleased from his protocol obligations, Prince Harry can now allow himself a few moments of lightness. On February 5, Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson boarded a tourist bus in Los Angeles, near Santa Barbara, where he lives with his wife Meghan Markle and their son Archie, along with the host. British James Corden. The two men shot a small 17-minute program there, broadcast this Friday, February 26 on YouTube, which shows them crisscrossing the city of angels, report our colleagues from Paris Match.

In a very relaxed atmosphere, the comedian and the prince made a stopover in several places in Los Angeles and the Duke of Sussex delivers some tasty and intimate anecdotes about his new life, far from the crown. This sometimes lunar exchange was filmed days before Meghan and Harry officially lost their last titles and Buckingham announced that they would not be returning.

Pee break at … the prince of Bel-Air

This kind of new tour operator began with a cup of English tea on board the bus, after James Corden picked up his illustrious guest on a street in Los Angeles. First memorable moment: the serving tray on which the cups were placed ended up on the floor of the bus, due to the shaking, under the laughter of Prince Harry, who spat out his drink. The bus then drove James Corden and the Duke to the house used for the legendary series The prince of Bel-Air, that the comedian envisioned as a pied-à-terre for the small family. On this occasion, Prince Harry decided to take a break… to use the toilet in the house. “I wasn’t expecting a wee break,” responded James Corden.

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In the garden of the house, the comedian then grabbed his guest’s cell phone, and called Meghan Markle on FaceTime, to explain that she and her husband had every chance of acquiring the house and that the ex-actress would thus become “the princess of Bel-Air”. “It’s wonderful, but I think we’ve done enough moves like this,” she joked in response.

Prince Harry then did not hesitate to tell his interlocutor the moment he knew that Meghan Markle was “the good one”. “The second date, I started to think there was something special,” he said without reservation. “It almost became obvious. We spent a lot of time just the two of us, rather than going out to dinner with friends or out with lots of people. So there was no distraction. “

“More at ease” with The Crown than with the stories of the tabloids

James Corden then brought up a hot topic within the royal family: the hit series The Crown, which greatly displeases the Windsors. “It’s fictional, but it’s loosely based on the truth,” admitted Prince Harry, who doesn’t seem as hostile to the soap opera as the rest of his family. “Of course, this is not strictly correct, but it gives a rough idea of ​​this lifestyle, the pressure of this duty and this service that comes before family and everything else,” he adds. . In any case, the duke declared himself “much more at ease with The Crown Than with the stories “invented” by the tabloids about his family, his wife or himself. He indeed sees a big difference “between what is obviously fiction and what is reported as supposed facts by the newspapers”.

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Among the anecdotes, Prince Harry then confided a particularly tasty one to his host of the day, concerning his son Archie, who will be 2 years old in May. He reveals that his great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, gave him… a waffle iron for Christmas. “My grandmother asked us what we wanted for Archie at Christmas and I answered a waffle iron,” he told James Corden, who, taken aback, explained that he “did not arrive.[ait] not to believe that the queen ordered a waffle iron and that she sent it to Santa Barbara ”.

To conclude this interview, James Corden and Prince Harry broached a more serious subject: the motivations that pushed him and his wife to leave the fold of the crown. “There was never any question of leaving [de la famille royale], more to go down a notch than to walk away, ”argued the Duke of Sussex. “We were in a difficult environment, as people have seen, we all know how the British press can behave,” he continued, explaining that “it was destroying [sa] mental health ”and that the environment“ was toxic ”. “So I did what any husband or father would do, I told myself I had to take my family away from it all,” he concluded.

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