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the home of a retired couple squatted for the second time in four years

A retired couple from Marseille is the victim of squatters. And this is not the first time. Their family home is occupied and despite an eviction decision, the occupants are still inside.

For almost a year, a retired Marseille couple has been fighting to have their second home evacuated, in the Valentine district, in the 11th arrondissement of Marseille. The house and garden are squatted by around thirty people. Families with children.

“This is our property, they come home and we pay taxes, it’s not normal”, plague Patrick Sifredi in front of the gates of the portal.

In 2017, the property had already been taken over by squatters. The occupants were quickly evicted. But not this time.


On January 14, however, a bailiff and police officers went there with an eviction notice in order to vacate the premises. But the procedure was not successful.


An incomprehensible situation for Me Caroline Caussé, lawyer for the spouses. “Squatting a house is forbidden, breaking in is forbidden, staying there is forbidden. But in this case what takes precedence is not the right to property, what takes precedence is a situation contrary to the law, with people who break the law but it is they who are right because it is it is they who are in it “, she believes.

More and more cases in Marseille

“They carried out several legal proceedings, appeals against the state. They finance all this with their retirement, who have few means, they respect the law and it is not theirs who ultimately win. These are the others who broke in, those who break everything and who are left in the premises, she emphasizes. It is a revolting injustice “.

The lawyer relaunched several procedures, including one before the Council of State. She also asks for compensation from the State for her clients. “under the disorder suffered due to the non-intervention of the police services”. The Sifrédi would like to sell this property, but they cannot.

In and around Marseille, Me Caussé notes “a professionalization of the occupation of houses with gardens“. Complaint files are multiplying.

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