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The house and the garden do not know the crisis

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic which triggered containment in March 2020, gardening and DIY have been among the most popular activities for the French who had a garden or a small balcony: since it was necessary staying within its 4 walls, you might as well really appropriate the outdoor spaces to integrate them, embellish them and arrange them in order to fully enjoy them, even in a garden of pots.

The house and the garden do not know the crisis

The garden furniture boom

Thus, gardening, DIY and landscaping stores were in great demand. Transforming your garden into a lounge area, into an additional room in the house allowing you to take breaks during teleworking, has been applied to the letter since the garden equipment sector (choice of garden furniture, outdoor lighting, bins, jars, etc.) increased its turnover by 4.2% (550 million euros) with increasing average baskets which attest to targeted purchases towards more high-end products. The exterior of the home has, it seems, been favored since sales of furniture for parts of the house have fallen by 4.8%.

Interest in the garden continues

The environment has become a major concern, especially for young people of whom Greta Thunberg was the image, and this not only continues but tends to increase with consumer behavior that goes with it: interest in the garden, setting up in the countryside to have a vegetable garden, waiting lists for obtaining a family garden or shared garden, interest in renting a garden, the enthusiasm for permaculture training, etc, s ‘really amplify.

The confinement has accelerated awareness, especially among 18-24 year olds who want “give more room to nature“in their daily lives, according to an Opinion-Way poll in June 2020. And this is reflected in sales in garden centers. Recycling to make your own garden furniture in pallet wood has not been neglected either. these trends last!

Written by Nathalie on 03/12/2021