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they renovate their house and make an incredible discovery in a wall

Christian and Anne-Marie, residents of Bourges, made a mysterious discovery by renovating their home. According to The Republican Berry, the couple have owned a house on rue du Secrétain for two years. Surprise: during work, the craftsmen discover a glass bottle in which is a handwritten document dating from March 30, 1937. It turns out that the document in question is none other than the testimony in five double pages of a Berruyer of the interwar period. A story written in purple ink, on the pages of a Seyès checkered notebook. The identity of the author is incomplete: only his signature, L. Massé, appears on the manuscript …

In his letter, the man explains that he comes from an average family, “not destined to leave the slightest trace in history”, writes The Republican Berry. What was his goal, then? According to the document, it was his father who asked him to write this text with the intention of then hiding it in a wall of separation. And this, with the hope that posterity can read “the little story of his time”, centuries later. The signatures of the father and son, but also of the author’s uncle, mother and cousin, appear at the end of the manuscript. Christian and Anne-Marie, the owner couple, are thinking of adding their personal touch to this ancient treasure before burying it again.

A place steeped in history

This is not the first time that this Berruyer accommodation has revealed secrets of history. The restoration of the house and the garden had already made it possible to discover a commemorative text engraved in a stone. Thus, the owners learned that the monastery of Our Lady of the Visitation had been erected here, before being demolished by the following owners.