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Three things you should never throw away when decluttering – according to an interiors therapist

Over the past year of lockdowns, you’ve probably accumulated a lot of stuff, from practical working-from-home accessories to items bought out of boredom and impulse buys from Target. After a build up of a few days, weeks or months, comes the decluttering fever. We’re overwhelmed by the urge to throw things out, making piles of our belongings to sell, take to thrift stores or chuck in the trash.

Decluttering can make us feel physically lighter, and makes space for new things to bring you joy. But, before you get too ruthless indulging your organization ideas, here are a few things you should absolutely hold onto no matter what, according to an interiors therapist.

Beige living room with grey sofas

(Image credit: Darren Chung)

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