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what innovations are to be expected?

Additional bedroom when you receive relatives, extension of the living room, bright dining room, winter garden … The veranda is now an integral part of the house and becomes a room in its own right.

The field of housing in general is often at the heart of innovation and in recent years, the veranda takes up more space on the front of the stage. And for good reason: this living room can be used all year round and whatever the weather forecast, unlike a terrace or a summer kitchen for example.

Future innovations for this piece like no other

Modern verandas – provided they are well insulated – become real additional living rooms in the same way as an extension of a traditional house. Ideal for enlarging the surface of the house, this extension is at the forefront of comfort. In addition to optimizing the exposure in relation to the rotation of the Sun to make the most of the brightness, technological innovations are numerous. What will the veranda of tomorrow ? We already have our little idea …

The veranda will be… bioclimatic

We are already hearing about bioclimatic pergolas which adapt to the weather. But conservatory designers go even further by offering homeowners an extension capable of adapting to the natural characteristics and variations of the environment in which they are located.

The aim here is to analyze the natural circulation of theair, the shape of the veranda, the place where it will be built to take advantage of its weather. It is above all a question of comfort intended to improve thethermal and sound insulation and thus enjoy this space all year round.

High performance materials

Another innovative feature of the conservatory of tomorrow: the use of high quality materials to ensure stability, durability and the insulation of the whole. The wood and aluminum are also among the flagship materials for designing high-performance and cozy verandas.

  • Thealuminum is perfect for the external structure of a veranda since it does not require any maintenance while being robust and durable (it withstands bad weather and external aggressions well).
  • Wood is also ideal for a quality modern veranda. In addition to being naturally insulating, robust and durable, this material noble brings heat interiors of verandas and lots of character.

Two advantages that place verandas in an excellent quality / price position since the installation of a veranda is generally less expensive than the construction of a classic extension.

Exit the greenhouse effect

While the old verandas were criticized for becoming real stoves during the summer, today’s models are specially designed with insulating panels to avoid this feeling of heat.

Safe glass panels

Options glazing premium guarantee enhanced protection against break-ins and acts of vandalism.

A green roof

More and more common, roofs with roof flat allow not only to bring a modern touch to a home but also to benefit from the benefits of the green roof. Less heating in winter, technologyinertia thermal which avoids heat loss, less air conditioner television green roof is a natural protection solution that can be considered.

And to further personalize your additional living space, some builders work together with interior decorators who will be able to support you in your development project. Get advice on how to optimize this new space and decorate it so that it goes perfectly with the rest of the house!

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