7 Tips To A Successful Garden

A beautiful garden is one of the most sort after additions to any home. A beautiful garden takes many hours of dedication and hard work but can be achieved by not only gardening experts but beginners as well. One of the most important gardening tips for any avid gardener is […]

10 Key Components of Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is much more then just avoiding the use of chemicals on your garden. For many people it is an outlook on living using nature’s laws to grow their fruits, vegetables, and other plants naturally. This is usually a personal choice made in light of much research done into […]

Hydroponic Gardening Theory

Audrey J. Powers

Something that’s been buzzing in the growing community is the idea of growing your beautiful plants indoors using a process called: Hydroponics. Now, Hydroponics is something that’s no good for those of you who garden specifically to get outside in the dirt and dig around in the manure, but for […]

Gardening As Meditation

Audrey J. Powers

As creators of reality most of us have found something in life that helps us feel the essence of ourselves. Something that makes us feel alive and connected, comforted, inspired. When life becomes confusing, uncertain, or fearful, we turn to our meditation, be it music or art or fishing or […]

A Home-Centered Life

Audrey J. Powers

Home is a place of freedom and comfort. Yet so many adults flee the home in search of money, meaning and self-fulfillment. I see so many busy people around me; parents with good intentions schedule all kinds of activities for their children. I often wonder what they are racing after […]

The Composting Process And Vegetable Gardening

Audrey J. Powers

Biological gardening is gaining ground and for good reasons. It environmental friendly and if you are growing your own vegetables you are sure they are healthy. The composting process is a very good way to enhance the structure of your gardens soil. To learn more about this useful process just […]