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Chicago interior designers

Considered a global architecture capital, Chicago serves as the perfect canvas for interior designers and decorators. As a city famed for its bold architecture, museums, and cultured art community, many design professionals come here to work. The Decorilla team is lucky enough to work with top interior designers from Chicago and around the country. We also love to discover the rising stars to watch! Looking for the best Best Chicago Interior Designers? Well, here’s our list to keep your eye on and draw inspiration from!

Interior Design Chicago

Chicago Interior Design Living Room

Traditional living room by Decorilla Chicago interior designers

Lovingly referred to as the Windy City, Chicago holds a name for itself among the art, architecture, and design worlds. This major metro is home to towering modern skyscrapers, quaint bungalows, and even the iconic Chicago Greystones. So, it comes as no surprise that Chicago interior design is as varied as the buildings that house these interiors. There’s no set style within these walls, you’ll find anything from traditional to modern, to mixed and matched looks. Chicago is the city where stunning ideas come to life and breathe new life into interior design.

Chicago Interior Designers and Decorators

Decorilla White Living Room

Modern dining room by Decorilla’s top Chicago interior decorators

Whether you’re just on the hunt for some inspiration or need a Chicago interior designer near you to help refresh your home, there’s one out there for you. Without further ado, here are our favorite talents among the local interior design scene.

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Summer Thornton

Best Chicago interior designers - Summer Thornton

Though her designs can be found nationwide, Chicago is the home base for Summer Thornton’s incredible talent. She was deemed Chicago’s Best Traditional Designer by Modern Luxury magazine among her other prestigious awards. Her use of strong color and a touch of quirk, for example, make her spaces stand out above the rest.

Chicago Interior Designer Summer

WHAT WE LOVE: She fills her website with all her favorite design advice! Here are a few that inspired us; “reference the past, don’t repeat it.” And “No great room was ever designed without taking a risk.”

Eileen Psenka

Best Chicago interior designers - Eileen Psenka (1)

Growing up in a family-run home furnishing business, Chicago interior designer and decorator Eileen Psenka began her interest in design at a young age. Now, with over 25 years of interior design experience, she is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), and Interior Design Society (IDS). Eileen puts a strong focus on her client relationships and as a result, has been awarded the Houzz Interior Designers Chicago – Best Service award.

Home Office By One Of The Best Interior Designer In Chicago

Home office by one of Decorilla‘s best Chicago interior designers, Eileen P.

As one of the best Chicago interior designers and decorators, Eileen loves working with clients to discover their unique styles and capture their personal lifestyles. Then, she creates a design that blends their spirit and provides overall function. Keeping in mind the client’s personality and lifestyle, her go-to’s in creating a design include a mix of classic pieces, and color, as well as dramatic accents. As a result, her designs bring the perfect blend of comfort, beauty, and allure.

Transitional family room by Chicago interior decorator Eileen P

Transitional family room by Decorilla Chicago-based interior decorator, Eileen P.

WHAT WE LOVE: Eileen’s designs are custom-created for each client, matching their lifestyle perfectly. Furthermore, she offers online interior design packages affordable for budgets big and small.

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Marshall Erb

Best Chicago interior designers - Marshall Erl

Marshall Erb created a name for himself in the Chicago interior design community in 1998. Meanwhile, with a degree in architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology, his background enables him to create innovative timeless designs with historical references. As a result, his designs have been featured in many top publications and he has risen to become one of the best Chicago interior designers near you.

Chicago Interior Design Living Room Marshall

WHAT WE LOVE: The use of bold color and texture combinations found in every space.

Tiffany Brooks

Best Chicago interior designers - Tiffany Brooke

With a unique perspective, Tiffany Brooks looks at each client relationship as a romance. For instance, she creates a space that her clients will fall head over heels for and continue to love for years to come. Most famously known for her design of the HGTV 2014 and 2016 Smart Home, the network has certainly catapulted her into success. It is no wonder she’s a highly rated Houzz interior designer in Chicago.

top Chicago interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: She makes the walls tell the story of the families she works with. Most importantly, every design speaks to individual personalities.

Katy Duewer

Best Chicago interior designers - Katy Duewer (2)

As one of the most affordable Chicago interior designers, Katy Duewer, sets strong communication with her clients as the foundation of her design process. Through this, she is able to craft custom interiors tailored to the people occupying the home. Katy prides herself on having a keen understanding of different ways of life, which also helps her keep up with the latest trends and methods in design. Rather than focusing on one style, she prefers to design spaces that will withstand the test of time. As a result, her clients receive homes they can enjoy for years to come.

Best Chicago Interior Designer Katy

WHAT WE LOVE: She offers affordable interior design packages that deliver stunning results at unbeatable prices. 

Donna Mondi

Best Chicago interior designers - Donna Mondi

Donna Mondi and her team of top Chicago interior designers have made quite the name for themselves among the design industry. Recently, they landed themselves among the top 100 designers in the world. When crafting interiors, Donna seamlessly blends the architecture of the space with the individual personality of each client. One look at any interior by this talented team and you will see an emphasis on quality, beauty, and everlasting style.

Best Chicago Interior Design Donna

WHAT WE LOVE: Her unique approach to the industry when crafting interiors for different styles.

Christina Samatas and Renee DiSanto

Best Chicago interior designers - Christina Samatas and Renee DiSanto

Christina Samatas and Renee DiSanto are co-founders of Park & Oak and creators of many timeless styles throughout the years. They pride themselves on creating spaces that elicit comfort and happiness for their clients. Christina and Renee use their combined expertise to create more individual aesthetics and looks. As a result, they breathe life into every design. Their inspirations comes from each other as well as from every place they have traveled. In the end, their goal is to bring creative style with unique pieces into each client’s home.

Chicago Interior Design Renee, Christina

WHAT WE LOVE: Their creative energy is unmatched and results in unbeatable comfort and beauty.

Mia Rao

Best Chicago interior designers - Mia Rao

Mia Rao is the founder of Mia Rao Design, a top Chicago interior design firm. Her vision is to collaborate with her clients. Create their ideal homes while conveying their energy in the final design. In addition, Mia’s passion for travel has enabled her to build a reference of interesting patterns to utilize in her work. She also infuses her creations with influence from her French and Italian heritage, resulting in welcoming spaces with a cohesive flair.

Chicago Interior Designer Mia Rao

WHAT WE LOVE: How Mia expertly blends touches of culture with her client’s interests to deliver bespoke interiors.

Carly Moeller

Best Chicago interior designers - Carly Moeller

A true talent among interior design in Chicago, Carly Moeller creates a reflection of their clients in their home. With her experience in architecture and construction, she has created a name for herself in the interior design industry. She has a well-rounded knowledge of the building process, spatial awareness, materials, and aesthetics. She believes that “everyone deserves great design” and works to give every client a home they’ll be happy in.

Chicago Interior Desing Room Carly Moeller

WHAT WE LOVE: Her belief that there isn’t only one approach to designing a space, resulting in one-of-a-kind interiors.

Chad Esslinger

Best Chicago interior designers - CHAD ESSLINGER

Chad is a unique designer with a passion for every aspect of home design. He’s the owner of one of the most successful interior design firms in Chicago, offering full-service design for all his clients. He loves creating new designs that bring out each aspect of his client’s personality and ultimately deliver their dream home. Chad’s focus is always on timelessly beautiful designs that are equally functional.

Chicago Interior Design Chad

WHAT WE LOVE: Chad’s breathtaking projects guarantee beauty and comfort, with a splash of innovation.

Need Help To Choose Between the Best Chicago Interior Designers?

Finding the right interior designer in Chicago for your home is no small task. If you’re still overwhelmed with all the choices of Chicago Interior designers, schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to see which options are right for you and to ensure you get the best possible interior design results.

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