4 Common Bugs Found Under the Sink Cabinets & What to Do About Them

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Common Bugs Found Under the Sink Cabinets

Do you often get scared by spotting bugs in kitchen cabinets? What are the common bugs found under the sink cabinets?

You’ve realized the favorite place for bugs like roaches and ants is under the sink cabinet of the bathroom or kitchen. This is because, like humans, bugs also need water to survive.

So these pests love to live where there is a lot of moisture. You can eliminate this annoying issue by being a little more careful and organized.

Check out the commonly found pests under the sink and what you can do to stop their encroachment on your home.

4 Common Small Bugs Found Under the Sink Cabinets

These 4 bugs are the most common ones you may find playing peek-a-boo with you at random times in your kitchen or bathroom sink.

1. Cockroaches 

Cockroaches are no exception. They reside in warm and moist places like all other house pests. But they also prefer dimly lighted areas to carry out their peaceful activities.

That explains the common siting of roaches in the sink drain. These bugs appear reddish-brown, and their bodies are oval-shaped about 2/3 inches.

They reproduce fast! So you also need to be fast in calling cockroach control services once you site these small bugs in the kitchen sink or anywhere else in your house for the first time.

2. Ants 

You know what ants look like – black in most cases and sometimes pale and reddish. The pale ones which are not black are pharaoh ants. They are the most common species of ants.

Their favorite spot to hang out is wall voids, under doors, and your leaky sink because of being moist and cozy.

The ants in your kitchen drain can be identified with 6 legs, 2 antennae, 1/16 inch length, and a segmented body. 

3. Silverfish 

Silverfish feed on the mold created by moisture build-up easily found under the sink cabinets. You can recognize them through their unique features, such as:

  • Metallic body in silver color
  • They measure between ½ and ¼, excluding their tail
  • They run fast
  • Small eyes and thin antennae
  • Fish-like shape

    4. House Spiders

House spiders are not in your kitchen for moisture. Instead, they came in search of the other bugs in the kitchen sink. So if you spot them on your kitchen and bathroom floor instead of walls, many pests live under the sink.

Fix Under Sink Cabinet to Prevent Bugs in the Kitchen Sink

The cabinets under your sink need to be cleaned, decluttered, and organized well to avoid unwanted intruders. So How to organize under-sink cabinets? Find out the answers here!

What good does clutter do for the bugs? Well, it gives them a place to hide. The more the mess, the more chances they can survive by hiding.

Try minimalistic living and decluttering now and then around your kitchen sink. Throw empty bottles and cans. Try to store stuff somewhere else whenever you can. Decluttering makes your next step easier, which is cleaning!

A decluttered cabinet is easy to check for leaks and crakes. These minor plumbing problems often get overlooked and create pest issues.

You can cover the gaps in the pipes under the sink with a spray seal. Calling a plumber to check what under sink water protection you need is better. The slightest leakage can attract many water bugs to the sink.

Organizing your kitchen cabinet means keeping everything in a way that you can find it easily. It not only makes your life easy. It also makes life difficult for the pests under the sink.

Arrange things in baskets and bins to organize the space under the sink cabinet, which is full of pipes. But don’t use cardboard boxes. You will invite roaches for a feast.

Preventive Ways to Keep the Pests Away

Here are some useful tips on how you can avoid the infestation of pests and bugs under your kitchen sink or anywhere in your house:-

  • Get a dehumidifier to eliminate moisture
  • Cover pipes under the sink to fix the leaky pipes
  • Closely check the exterior of your home. Seal all the holes and gaps you spot
  • Keep the moist areas clean, especially those under kitchen sink cabinets or bathroom cabinets.
  • Check the grocery bags and other packaging/boxes for silverfish before bringing them inside your house.

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