6 Tips For Beginner Organic Gardening

Audrey J. Powers

Beginner Organic gardening is the act of planting and growing fruits and vegetables while using only the things that are found in nature.

Why would anyone even want to try there hand at organic gardening?

1.Composting can easily be done by using waste from both the kitchen as well as the garden. This method is consumes a bit more time than purchasing and using some form of animal manure or so called manufactured compost, it sure puts your kitchen and garden waste to good use for a change, instead of stinking up the place. This method is in the long run, way better for our environment.

2. Beginner Organic farming is done without the use of chemicals. This is very important because these chemicals have been proven to have negative effects on our health. When growing vegetables, this is very important to keep in mind. Chemical companies are always claiming and providing proof as to how safe it is to use their products as long as it is per the directions that comes with the product. Yet despite all of this, it has been proven that even the most negligible amount can be absorbed into the skin and affect us, if not now, then later with prolonged exposure. Different forms of cancer can be caused by this and children are especially vulnerable.

The average child ingests sometimes as much as 5 times more pesticides from food than an adult. I am sure this type of statistical info is not what you want to hear, but it is the truth. The pesticides I am talking about are the cancer forming type. It may not affect the child right now, but later on can be the exact reason for many different types of diseases.

3. Provides for less damage to the environment. If you think that the poisons that enter into our waterways and end up in the sea killing fishes etc. are only from the big manufacturing companies, think again. Us, using everyday household products in our lives do as much damage to our surrounding habitat.

4. Saving the topsoil is a great benefit of organic farming. Erosion is a major factor in many countries, causing sometimes huge landslides. If you have a piece of high ground on your property, you may want to consider planting something. Remember, it can only help. 32 billion tons of topsoil is eroded in the US every year.

5. It Saves. You do not have to buy those expensive fertilizers filled with chemicals and those cancer forming pesticides when organic gardening. Many organic substitutes for beginner organic gardening comes straight from the kitchen cupboard.
Marigold is a great example of this. Aphids are easily repelled from vegetables using this.

1 tablespoon of dish washing liquid and 1 cup of cooking oil makes an “almost free” bug spray. Putting 3 tablespoons of this in 1 quart of water is an excellent spray for plants.

6. Pine needle mulch always helps to retard weed growth while retaining moisture in the soil.

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