Heating With Wood For Less

Audrey J. Powers

How will you heat your home when the power goes out? Do you have access to cheap or free firewood? Have you considered installing a wood stove and don’t have much money? First of all, what does it take to heat with wood? Well, to start with you need a […]

Tips For Removing Linoleum

Audrey J. Powers

When it comes time to get new flooring you can save money by removing the old flooring yourself but if you have old linoleum on your floors you might be in for quite a challenge. Depending on how old the linoleum is and the type of adhesive that was used […]

Kitchens: Then and Now

Audrey J. Powers

Kitchens have come a long way since the 20th century – back then typically used for the sole purpose of preparing and cooking food in our home. Today, kitchens have evolved into one of the most social rooms in the house. Historically, house design in North America and parts of […]

Creating the Ultimate Home Bar Design


Entertaining at home is always a great way to go, but with the right design and décor pieces, you can make your bar area stand out more than ever. Whether adding a few retro-inspired elements or focusing on modern flair and accents, having the perfect atmosphere for hosting friends and […]