Understanding Designer Laminates


Laminates are one of the most actively used in the interior designing industry nowadays. They are used as a surface covering material and can be applied to surfaces like furniture, table tops, walls, and even floors. Plus, they are available in a wide range of colours, patterns, textures, and finishes. 

Designer laminates are one of the most common types of laminates that are used in both residential and commercial spaces. Let’s learn more about designer laminates.  

What is a Designer Laminate?

Designer laminates are an outstanding choice when you want to incorporate custom designs and textures that can provide a beautiful aesthetic appeal to any interior decor setup. These laminate sheets are a staple in modernised commercial and residential spaces as they are available in a wide spectrum of different designs, colours, and textures. 

So, you get a chance to explore numerous options of designer laminates that are available and choose one according to the style and theme of your interior space.

Now, let’s check out some of the top benefits of designer laminates. 

Benefits of Using Designer Laminates: 

Wide Range of Applications:

Designer laminates have a wide range of applications in different places – both residential and commercial areas that have a contemporary look and feel. Besides that, these laminate sheets can be used both horizontally and vertically. For example, you can use these laminate sheets as surface coverings for table tops, wall panels, wardrobes, and several more creative applications to create beautiful transformations of the space. 

Wide Range of Options:

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of designer laminates is their numerous options. In other words, designer laminates are available in a wide variety of colours, finishes, textures, and styles that can be combined differently to meet the unique requirements and decor of any space. 

Royale Touche offers a great collection of solid colours, bespoke designs, textured designs, and even beautiful glass-finish laminates that you can explore. You can choose the right set of laminates for your space that can add a touch of nature to your space. 

Bring Out a Personalised Look: 

One of the best advantages of designer laminates is that they are highly customisable. You can easily customise the designs of the laminates according to your needs if you reach out to a reliable laminate manufacturer like Royale Touche. With Royale Touche, you can find every kind of designer laminate – from standard to metallics to textured options. Also, you can come across some brilliant product laminates, including high-pressure laminates, glossy laminates, and matte laminates. 

Highly Durable:

Royale Touche offers premium-quality decorative laminates that are quite durable and long-lasting. After all, they are produced from cutting-edge technology using the best manufacturing processes, and a great amount of knowledge. 

Besides that, Royale Touche laminates also come with some exciting features, including desirable properties that help to prolong the lifespan of the laminates. Some of these features are easy to maintain, scratch-resistant and impact-resistant. Because of these properties, the laminates can retain their shiny look for a very long time, giving you the true value of the investment you make. 

Types of Designer Laminates:

PVC Laminates:

PVC designer laminates are some of the most commonly used laminates because of their durability and affordability. Besides that, they also have a great number of applications, especially in places where you need high flexibility such as wall panels and doors. 

Polycarbonate Laminates:

Polycarbonate laminates are one of the most durable types of decorative laminates that are available in the market. These types of laminates are known for their durability and can be used for applications where you need durability. Plus, they have a low coefficient of friction that makes them perfect for automated systems or industrial settings. 

Wood Laminates:

Another popular type of laminate is the perfect substitute for real hardwood, i.e., wood laminates. These laminates are actively used to provide a natural look and appeal to any space. Also, they are great resistance to moisture and weathering. So, you can perfectly use them in your outdoor options. 

Canvas Laminates:

Canvas laminates are perfect for spaces where you require a higher degree of flexibility. In addition to that, these laminates are easy to clean and maintain to bring out the most beautiful interior design. 

The Final Thoughts

Royale Touche is one of the greatest brands when it comes to high-quality and highly durable laminates, and is a top choice among interior designers and architects. So, if you wish to lay your hands on the best kinds of digital or designer laminates, you should connect with Royale Touche today. 

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