Climb Kilimanjaro on Your Tanzania Gap Year

Climb Kilinajaro if you are contemplating heading out to Tanzania on your Africa Gap Year. As Tanzania Gap Year Activities go climbing Kilimanjaro is definitely a high priority for many. Kilimanjaro, the worlds highest free standing mountain, is not a difficult task, but it does require effort. If you want to climb Kilimanjaro you need to be pretty fit to do so.

People have different reasons for wanting to climb Kilimanjaro, for some it is a life long fascination with exploring and adventure and the Kilimanjaro climb ticks all the boxes when it comes to Adventure. For others they want to try out mountaineering and one of the best places and times to do this is on a Tanzania Gap Year

A Tanzania Gap Year is the perfect time to climb Kilimanjaro, lets face it, when else are you going to have the time or inclination to drag your butt all the way up the one of the highest mountain in the world. Once real life sets in and the pressures of work and stingy allocated holiday time set in, climbing Kilimanjaro becomes very low on your list of priorities, however on a Tanzania gap year you typically have many months to sort this out.

If you were wondering how to climb Kilimanjaro on your Tanzania gap year, you will find there are plenty of companies out there that will help you plan your trip, Xtreme Gap is one of these companies, and have sent many people trekking up Kilimanjaro. If you are looking for someone reputable try them.

As you climb kilimanjaro the scenery changes in different stages as you gain altitude and the temperature changes and the air thins. This is quite an experience probably one on the highlights of your Tanzania Gap year. On the bottom of the Mountain there is a lush rainforest and banana plantations, the heat is considerable and it is often quite humid. The bananas often provide a welcome energy boost to knackered trekkers!

The Kilimanjaro climb typically takes four days to reach the summit although you may want to spend the extra money and have an acclimatisation day up the mountain. This can be expensive but ultimately worth is at only 40% of people successfully summit (most turning around at gilmans point 300 m short of the summit and about 3 hours trekking). By the time you reach the top your head will be pounding and you will be tempted to turn back with every step you put forward, so the extra day is not a bad option, especially when you consider this will be one of the highlights of your Tanzania Gap Year. Once you turn around you will notice it is only 1 day down the mountain and pretty easy going, although you will burn a whole new set of muscles.

After the trek many people choose to take a safari in Tanzania to the ngororgoro crater, lake Manyara and Masai Mara, this is the perfect way to en you Tanzania Gap year or really get involved in some wild life conservation.

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