Cucumbers and squash not producing fruit? Here’s why and how to fix it.

Audrey J. Powers

Q. My cucumber and squash are not location fruit even nevertheless the crops look balanced. I’m not viewing a lot of bees. Can this be aspect of my dilemma?

A. Much more than very likely this is the end result of incomplete pollination. Cucumber and squash are in the similar plant family members (Cucurbitaceae or Cucurbit for limited).

Vegetation in the cucurbit family members have individual male and female flowers occurring on the same plant. The male flowers create pollen that has to be moved, commonly by bees and other pollinators, to the female flowers. The two male and female flowers are yellow. The feminine flower will be connected to the plant by what appears to be like like an immature cucumber on cucumber vegetation or an immature squash on squash crops. The male flower is hooked up to the plant by a slim, quick greenish stem.

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A frequent cause for incomplete pollination is when there is inadequate movement of pollen from the male flowers to the woman bouquets. In most conditions, this signifies that there had been not sufficient bee visits to transfer sufficient pollen for pollination to occur and subsequently fertilization to permit the fruit (cucumber, squash) to develop.

This absence of pollination success in possibly the fruit aborting (no fruit at all) or only creating partially about the seeds that did grow to be fertilized, developing a small malformed fruit. Scientists have located that it will take at least eight honeybee visits for every flower to pollinate cucumbers and/or squash adequately.

In the absence of adequate bees, you can attempt hand pollinating. This can be accomplished by transferring pollen from recently opened male flowers using a compact brush or cotton swab. Then deposit the pollen on the sigma, which is on a raised spot in the middle of the open feminine cucurbit flower. This demands figuring out how to notify the change in the male and feminine flowers.

Additional detailed information, like photographs, on how to hand pollinate squash is out there by this website link:

To have a printed copy of this University of Florida Institute of Food items and Agricultural Sciences Extension publication mailed to you, phone the Okaloosa County Extension Business office at 850-689-5850 and request the hand pollination of squash publication and deliver your title and mailing tackle.

Also, be mindful with sure insecticides on or around your cucurbit crops these types of as carbaryl, significantly though the vegetation are blooming. Carbaryl and some other pesticides are highly toxic to honeybees, and other bees exposed to direct remedy or residues on crops or weeds in bloom.

Normally comply with the label instructions and safeguards when applying any pesticide, which includes insecticides.

This short article initially appeared on Northwest Florida Every day News: Why your cucumbers, squash usually are not environment fruit: absence of pollination

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