Electrical Contractor Vs Electricians – The Difference Between The Two

Audrey J. Powers

Not a lot of people know about the difference between an electrician and an electrical contractor. While they are working in similar industries, they have varying roles. Most of the time, electrical contractors are companies or business negotiators who provide electrical services. In these cases, they are responsible for hiring electricians to do the job. They are in charge for any task that requires construction with regard to certain designs, as well as the maintenance of different systems.

In Europe and the Americas, this industry reaps a lot of profit and they are provided licenses and insurances, which allows them to run their business in operation for a certain period of time. Acquiring such, they must able to secure their clients from the liabilities of the insurance. The requirements vary depending on the locality or state where they are working.

There are three major categories of working electrical contractors. There are those who are in charge of high power transmissions with high-voltage distribution lines. They are known as the line or outside service providers, which duties are particularly in line with construction and maintenance of infrastructure which are essential to bear electricity coming from the plant via few high-voltage lines and substations prior to employing its supply power to residential, commercial and industrial spaces.

The inside contractors are the ones who are most of the time interchanged with electricians as they are the primary people who work for commercial, residential and institutions hands on. They are the ones who manage the installation, maintenance and electrical designs, which are necessary for the building to operate well. They deal with outdoor lighting and substations with electricity inside the boundary lines of the property as given by inside service providers.

The IBS and VDV contractors are the ones who handle low-voltage installations. Some of these comprise climate controls, security systems, reserve power, telecommunications and fiber optics. Their main goals are energy-efficient lightings and wireless networking systems. They offer various services for a wide array of demands.

While electrical contractors base their hiring on experience in the degree of training one has achieved, those who are hired as apprentice electricians are the ones who are trained to the job. They are skilled and trained to manually handle the wirings and fix, repair and install main power systems.

In the end, both are still vital parts of a construction team. So, if you are planning to build a house, an electrical contractor is necessary to find you electricians to work effectively and efficiently for the safety and security of your home. Electricity poses dangers and risks so these things need to be handled appropriately.

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