Gardening Dad Just Broke World Record For Growing 1,269 Tomatoes on a Single Stem in his Tiny Greenhouse

Audrey J. Powers

A gardening dad has been named a champion for the next time, following declaring a different title for harvesting 1,269 tomatoes from a single stem.

Douglas Smith earlier strike headlines in 2020 when he grew the UK’s tallest sunflower of 2020—at 20-foot, it towered more than his family members residence.

This time, the 43-yr-old grew nearly 14 lbs of pink tomatoes weighing (6.2 kilos) which gained him official recognition by Guinness Earth Data past week.

Commenting on his most current world document, Douglas claimed he was “really pleased” with the “amazing” tomato harvest.

According to SWNS news company, the preceding record for the most tomatoes on a one truss was 488, achieved by a Shropshire person in 2010.

Douglas, of Stanstead Abbotts, Herts, has defined how he invested several hours poring about scientific investigate papers to fantastic his cherry tomato rising procedures.

“You have to make sure the environment is perfectly set up,” he said.

He sent samples of soil to labs to make positive the plants had just what they desired.

“I put in a few or 4 several hours a week tending to the tomatoes in an 8×8 foot greenhouse in my back garden.”

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Douglas, who lives with spouse Piper, 45, and son Stellan, six, culled a number of crops down to two.

Right after counting the fruit on the first plant he tallied 839, but then the second vine experienced an even increased range – 1,269 tiny pink gems.

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The IT supervisor states this summertime he designs to tackle two a lot more earth records, starting up with the one for the most tomatoes on a solitary plant—a file at the moment at 1,355 claimed by a Coventry guy in 2013.

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Douglas he also desires to set a new garden pea report but refused to give further more details in anxiety of other veg growers striving to conquer him to it.

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