Gardening: How to re-seed a lawn for thick grass with no patches in just 4 weeks

Audrey J. Powers

4. Sow your seeds and water them in with a mild spray

Carlos ongoing: “Choosing the proper seed for your lawn is easy – it all relies upon on the aesthetic you are striving to achieve. 

“For case in point, if you need a really hard-wearing garden that have to endure young children and/or pets, you will want a seed with substantial rye material. 

“With seeding, it’s easier to management the mix and locate a mixture that is proper for your garden.

“Choose a non-windy day to sow seed to prevent seeds in places you never want. 

“If seeding by hand, mark out the region (notice 1kg addresses 20m2 if seeding a new garden or 50m2 for overseeding) – this will exhibit you how densely you have to have to sow the seed. 

“As with all seeds, make certain to verify the packaging directions for the encouraged level of application – don’t be tempted to more than-seed as this will bring about lots of of the seeds to rot, and you’ll be shelling out far more in the process.” 

Carols extra: “Once applied, frivolously rake the location to blend the seed and soil. 

“Apply a further layer of topsoil around the prime of the seeds to protect them from birds and to maintain dampness.  

“Water the seeds in with a mild spray to start the germination. 

“You want to get a excellent soil-to-seed call, so I suggest flippantly treading the seed into the soil, or use a gentle garden roller to push them into the floor.” 

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