Gardening with Allen: It’s a good time to reapply fertilizer

Audrey J. Powers

I am anxious about the impact of this very hot, dry climate on my flowers, veggies and trees. How must I be watering and fertilizing them?

You have possibly been watering your hanging baskets and other containers just about every day. Baskets in the sunshine may possibly even need a next watering when the temperature is above 90 degrees. Glimpse for wilting or drooping leaves as an indicator. No matter what fertilizer you utilized when they have been planted has almost certainly primarily been leached out of the soil. Now is a very good time to make a further application of fertilizer to your containers. If you have been using liquid fertilizer, you can carry on working with it on a weekly foundation. Even if you applied gradual-release, coated fertilizer these as Osmocote, it is possibly also mostly utilized up. I use Osmocote and I usually make one more software to my containers in July.

I also like to apply far more fertilizer to my annual bouquets to promote new development. This is particularly accurate if I see more mature leaves turning yellow. If my bouquets in or out of containers have grown over and above in which I want them, I might give them a trim in advance of I fertilize. Trimming also stimulates new expansion and bloom.

Extended-lasting veggies these kinds of as sweet corn, tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, peppers and cucumbers also get a 2nd fertilization about now. The swift-maturing greens like lettuce, radish and peas really don’t will need a second application unless of course you make extra plantings. I use a normal function fertilizer these kinds of as 16-16-16 for my veggies and flower beds. I’m on a two-day interval for watering flowers and veggies, but every single working day when the temperature reaches 90 degrees.

H2o trees

Large, experienced trees may well get sufficient drinking water if they are growing in lawns or other irrigated sections of your landscape. On the other hand, trees will gain from more deep watering at least after a thirty day period throughout the summer season and tumble.

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