Hollywood stand off ends with man shot dead by police, fire on roof of home

Audrey J. Powers

FORT LAUDERDALE – According to the Broward County Sheriff’s office, the incident began Wednesday morning when deputies tried to follow up on an investigation and attempted to make contact with the man at a home in the 2700 block of Dewey Street in Hollywood.

BSO told CBS4 News, a deputy fired at the man after he exited the home with a metal rod, and attempted to use it as a spear.

“He had it out with the cops; he was refusing to leave. He barricaded himself inside of the house and they communicated with him the whole time,” said Andrea Cato, who lives across from the home. “He started throwing Molotov cocktails at them to get them off the property,” she added.

Investigators told CBS4 News the man refused to leave the home and threatened to hurt himself and others. 

Members from BSO’s Threat Management Unit, The Hollywood Police Department and the Hollywood SWAT team worked together to negotiate with the man in the home. At one point, members of the swat team could be seen throwing a flash grenade into the home.

During the standoff a portion of the home caught fire.

“He started the fire from inside from what we understand. And I guess because he was in there for so long they could only control the fire from the outside, they couldn’t get in to stop it,” said Cato.

Another neighbor told CBS4 News she heard several loud blasts before the fire erupted.

“All of a sudden we hear some bangs. We saw a couple of little fires break out, then all of a sudden you see them shooting water at the house. The next thing you know the flames just start building, and building, and building,” said Amber Jack, who was one of many residents on Dewey Street who were forced out of their homes Wednesday afternoon. 

Residents weren’t given the clear to return to their homes until 5:30 Thursday morning.

“I’ve been here since four p-m sleeping in a yard and I’m a little tired, a little worn out,” said one neighbor. 

As is procedure with police-related shootings, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has taken over the investigation. 

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