How to choose a good wine cabinet?

Audrey J. Powers

It makes no difference how much beer you consume or store since even the casual wine taster requires a place to store their bottle and preserve it from temperature extremes, dry weather, and extreme lighting. 

If you’re designing a house or upgrading your kitchen, consider installing a wine cooler cabinet to get the most out of your wine. Wine cabinets are a growing option when you look for statistics and graphs. You must be wondering how a wine cabinet is not the same as a wine cooler.

Difference between a wine cooler and a wine cabinet

Investing in a wine cooler and a wine cabinet is the same thing. Aren’t you thinking this? If yes, then you must be aware of the fact that wine cabinets maintain different conditions for wine while wine coolers are an advanced type of wine cabinet that are available in various options with customization services and highly technological features. Temperature range, humidity control, style, aesthetic, and racking options play an important role in differentiating both appliances.

How to choose a good wine cabinet?

Choosing a wine cabinet is easier when you have some suggestions and explanations on the factors that need to be considered. You can also consider these key factors when selecting a full height wine fridge. Following are the key considerations when buying a wine cabinet;

Types of cabinet

Wine cabinets available in the market are of three types based on temperature concerns. They differ in single, dual, and multiple temperature cabinets that are named wine maturing cabinets, multi-functional cabinets, and wine serving cabinets respectively.

Storage options

Storage options for the cabinets in the market are small, average-sized, and large cabinets in which up to 92, 169, and 234 bottles can be stored.

Door type

Different brands have a large selection of doors. The various materials and colours of the window sills adjust to your home style in this fashion. Find the glass windows that are UV-proof, enabling 99% of UV rays to pass through (that is common and ideal). The construction and the kind of advanced windows chosen contribute to the extremely highly protected. This ensures minimal power usage, minimizes the possibility of moisture, and ensures the cabinet’s interior climate efficiency. Types of doors available in the market are glass doors, solid doors, stainless steel doors, and technical doors. Reversible doors are also available.

Internal layout

Internal layout concerns the storage needs and the convenience to the protecting environment. Depending on the number of drinks and preservation needs, the brands provide a variety of combinations.

Sliding shelves organize your storage, storage shelves to hold a large number of bottles, display shelves to highlight your best bottles, or sampling racks to keep your open bottles upright.

Lighting options

With good lighting options, you can preserve your wine with a fresh taste and consistent shape. Direct exposure of wine to natural light can cause an unpleasant taste in the wine bottle. You should buy a wine cooler with lights that will not affect the temperature of the wine (lights add up warmth to the temperature causing imbalances. The most appropriate options are global, individual, overhead, and detachable lighting. 

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