Keeping a Yellow Jambhala Statue at Home Can Bring Good Fortune

Audrey J. Powers

Yellow Jambhala (Tibetan: Dzambhala Serpo) is the God of Wealth in Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetans believe that he is the manifestation of Ratnasambhava, one of the Five Dhyani (“Meditation”) Buddhas, who represents equanimity and equality.

Jambhala – the Lord of Wealth and Protector of the Dharma

Jambhala is a protector of the dharma. He helps people by eliminated poverty so that they may practice the Dharma. When a person becomes rich, he is more able to be unselfish and generous. If you are having financial difficulties, call upon his name, and he will come and help you.

Worshipping or practicing Jambhala can also help you to get rid of the insecurity of financial worries so that you can focus on practicing the Dharma. More importantly, his practice helps you attain spiritual wealth, eliminate greed and become a better person.

Benefits of Placing a Jambhala Statue at Home

Simply having a statue of Jambhala can enhance the Feng Shui of its surroundings, increasing your money luck and bringing more wealth and good fortune to you.

In prosperous times, he brings wealth. In times of recession, he safeguards your family from poverty and provides financial stability.

Where to Place the Jambhala Statue

The statue of Jambhala can be placed in your living room, main hall or offices facing the doorway. You can also place the statue in the wealth corner of the room (left corner diagonal to the doorway) or the southeastern section of the house.

To maximize the wealth-attracting power of the Yellow Jambhala, place him under a water feature with water continuously falling on his crown. In the sutras, the Yellow Jambhala jumped in front of the Buddha to protect him from thrown rocks, injuring his head. Hence, when water is poured over his head, the pain is eased and he feels blissful.

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