New Interior Design Trends in Bhubaneshwar that You Absolutely Need to Know!

Audrey J. Powers

In the past couple of years, home decor has gained importance across the globe, thanks to covid-19. Similarly, of late, interior design trends in Bhubaneshwar, have witnessed a rise in modern designs with a traditional twist.

The pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns brought home the importance of a pleasing and comfortable environment. The desire to have a home that not only suits your personality but is in trend too is increasing. Taking inspiration from a city steeped in culture, designers have come up with fascinating takes on global interior design trends with a touch of the traditional.

So, what’s trending in the interior design world? And how can you introduce a touch of culture into your home? Let’s check it out.

Maximalism is In!

Staid and no-frills decors are on their way out. The desire to surround yourself with glorious artefacts and colours is increasing. It’s all about nostalgia. And vibrancy is not far behind.

Home design trends in Bhubaneswar have a traditional charm due to the rich heritage of applique work. A mix and match of modern and applique art is one way to go. Or you can opt for an applique pendant lamp to personalise your space. However, be selective with your traditional elements so as not to overpower the look.

Modern Clean Lines

Your home is a reflection of who you are. If you love the modern clean-cut approach to living room design, try tables that have marble tops coupled with antique mirror frames. Multi-coloured throw cushions in a mix of modern and local ikat fabric will give you the effect you desire.

If you can get your hands on a pattachitra, use it as a wall hanging to bring your decor together.

Curves and Soft Lines

If it is about curves versus the no-nonsense clinical look of straight lines, it’s no surprise that curves are winning hands down. Your curve can be in the form of an arch in your doorway or your window frames. Or it could be in the shape of your sectional or the centre table. However, moderation is the key.

For a traditional touch? How about the gorgeous Dhokra figurines? Going by the trends in Bhubaneshwar these are a perfect addition to your soft lines. And if curves are not your thing, you can let a curved loveseat make a statement.

The Charm of Earthy Tones

Homes in earthy shades are a rage on social media. And this is endorsement enough. Earthy colours are in! You can opt for shades of rich chocolate with rust and beige or brown with a touch of green accent, the choice is yours. These shades work well in bedroom decor too. After being confined to the home environment for so long, it makes perfect sense to bring the outdoors in at this point.

To get an Odisha element to your room, how about Sukapada sculptures in the corner of your room? Simply glorious!

Seduction thy Name is Leather

Leather is gorgeous. It’s decadent. But it also has a sobering effect when you realise where it comes from. No matter. Faux leather works just as well.

Leather is all about class and sophistication. And worn leather has an amazing old-world charm. If the idea of a sofa set in leather seems too much. You can incorporate this element by adding a couple of leather chairs to your decor.

Your traditional Bhubaneswar accent? A picture gallery of small pattachitra frames. Fabulous!

Warm Colours in Your Kitchen

Kitchens are all about the cooking pot and fire. And it seems right to use warm colour shades to decorate your kitchen. If warm colours seem unappealing to you, add warm accents such as rust and orange to your olive green or teal blue kitchen. These can be earthenware or coffee mugs in warm colours.

For a traditional vibe, how about silver filigree work bowls? Horn carvings will work just as well on your floating shelves.

A Vintage Appeal can Never go Out of Style

There is something gloriously wonderful about the vintage look. There is a vast array of vintage pieces in the market, each with its charm. Wardrobes and vanities with a few vintage trimmings can be a charming addition to your bedroom decor.

You can mix your vintage picks with a few modern chairs and throw rugs to add a magical feel to your design. Ikat and applique cushions, the signature craft of Odisha will bring the decor together in one fine sweep.

Multi-Functional Areas

One thing the pandemic taught us is that a bedroom is not necessarily a place to sleep in. it can be your workspace too; if your partner has an online meeting in the living room.

Whether they are work or study areas, you need tables and chairs. It’s easy to work a classy table with clean lines into your home decor, be it the bedroom, the living room, or even the balcony.

Your backdrop can be a few choice Dhokra sculptures and books on your floating shelves.

Getting the right mix of modern and traditional isn’t difficult. However, if you can’t seem to get this gorgeous look right, you can always consult HomeLane. They always have a few tricks up their sleeve!

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