Organic Gardening – The Eco-Friendly Method of Trench Composting

Audrey J. Powers

Replacing the natural nutrients back into your gardens soil for your plants to benefit from can be done simply by composting your organic household and yard waste. It is an eco-friendly method that will greatly benefit the crops you are growing in your organic garden.

A method known as trench composting is a great way to do this if you are looking for a way to compost without looking at a pile or bin in your yard. It involves simply digging a trench about a foot deep and wide in an area of your garden where you aren’t going to be planting right away. Once you have this trench dug you can fill it with a good mixture of your organic waste from your yard and house. This mixture is better if the nitrogen( green) material and carbon (brown) material is at the correct ratio to turn hot, this will allow it to decompose faster than a cold compost when the ratios aren’t correct. Another step that should be taken to let this material decompose faster is to chop it up as fine as you can with what you have to work with. A good ratio is 25 to 30 parts carbon to one part nitrogen.

Once the trench is filled to about four inches from the top you need to water it well and then cover it with the garden soil you dug from the trench. In a couple weeks you will be able to see the material decomposing if you uncover a small section. Keep the area moist at all times, not soaked. Keeping it moist will help the decomposition process keep moving along.

This is a great environment friendly way to add the nutrients back into your gardens soil for your plants to live a happy and healthy life.

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