Outdoor Smart Gadgets for Your House

Audrey J. Powers

When people think of smart home automation, the gadgets are usually applied to indoor settings. It is more difficult to consider your home’s outdoor area when thinking of smart gadgets since most of your valuables are inside. Contrary to popular belief, getting smart gadgets for your home’s exterior can be a very good investment. It is an important step in making a smart home since any smart home would be incomplete unless all factors are taken into account.

The range of smart gadgets available for outdoors is not as extensive as indoor gadgets. They are limited in variety, but each one heavily contributes to either the look or security of your home’s exterior. If you’re looking to expand your smart home, the following are some gadgets that you can get to cater to the different needs of your home. 

Sengled Floodlight

Smart lighting is the perfect way to make your home more visible. Monitoring any area can become a lot easier with good lighting, which is why smart lights have become an important tool in smart home security. This specific gadget is meant to secure your home’s outdoors, due to its convenience and reliability.

This Outdoor Motion Sensor Floodlight is not only affordable, it is the perfect gadget to enhance your view of your garden, driveway or any other area you may want to light well. The light is able to detect motion anywhere within 30 feet, and once motion is detected, it stays on for over a minute. With this light, sneaking around your home becomes incredibly difficult. For basic functionality, it can even function without a hub – however, you can always purchase a hub separately for more advanced features.

This may be the only gadget you need for thorough outdoor security, especially if you’re on a budget. The light can detect motion in a wide-angle, 100-degree field of vision. It is also very easy to install, although, it does require a constant connection to power.

Smart Sprinklers 

The garden is one of the most prominent areas of a house. If designed well, it is often the first thing that catches a visitor’s eye. A well-maintained garden is essential in order to maintain the visual and functional value of a home, and its health is heavily dependent on the watering pattern.

Watering your garden properly is not the easiest task. In order to do this properly, you must consider factors such as the amount of water, and at what time it is being supplied. For homeowners with little gardening experience, this can easily become a challenging task. Fortunately, smart sprinklers can make the process much easier. 

With this gadget, you can water your garden in a much more precise way. It can calculate how much water is required by sensing the weather, as well as the moisture content in the air and soil. A smart sprinkler has features which minimize wastage and save time; you can even use the corresponding app to schedule the watering of your garden.

Security Cameras

A security camera is one of the more obvious choices for outdoor smart gadgets. It is incredibly useful, reliable and can add an extra layer of security to your home. By using security cameras, you can have a live feed of the activity around your home, so that all entrances become impossible to sneak into. Homeowners are often looking to increase surveillance around their home, and security cameras are the perfect way to do that. 

Smart security cameras can be accessed using an app in your phone, or even through a smart home hub. They can provide you with a live 24/7 feed of your home, regardless of the time of day. This can be a relief for a lot of homeowners, especially those who either live alone or are in a new, unfamiliar neighborhood. Security cameras can have varying features, and depending on your requirements, you can get whichever one fits your accommodation best. 

Video Doorbell

Another frequently used smart security gadget is a video doorbell. This is another device which helps with home monitoring, however, it focuses mainly on the activity around your front door. With a video doorbell, interactions with visitors become much more efficient. You can remotely converse with people, which makes it easier to avoid unwanted visitors as well. Receiving packages also becomes easier using this gadget.

A video doorbell is a gadget which can benefit anyone in your home. Elderlies can answer the door without having to walk to it, and so can disabled people. This also makes multitasking at home much easier, thereby significantly reducing manual effort.

Features of this gadget include recording activity for playback at a later time, which is extremely convenient for people who tend to spend a lot of time away from home. A video doorbell can be installed discretely, so not everyone is able to spot it. This feature, paired with its audio and video capabilities, makes this the perfect security gadget for any home. 

Viewing Your Home as a Whole

First impressions are very important, especially when it comes to your home. What a visitor sees outside your home can become a stepping stone to how they will perceive the rest of it. Whether or not a home is being sold, it must be functioning at its best to maintain a certain value. 

A living space is nothing if not secure, comfortable and reliable; this is why, making sure that the exterior of your home is just as secure and visually appealing as the interior is every homeowner’s job.

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