Places to Visit in Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands are group of islands consisting of 18 major islands are set halfway in between Iceland and Norway. They have a total population of 48, 000. Yet, this tiny but terrible group of islands seems to be unpopular and still kept hidden and unexplored by many around the globe. Admittedly, Faroe Islands are invisible in the map because of its small land area, which is 1,400 square kilometers in total; and infamous name. However, there is more than just the unpopular name and tiny land area.

Faroe Islands can showcase you their best destinations which are incomparable unless compared to paradise. When in Faroe Islands, you are not 5 kilometers far from the ocean. This land area is commonly surrounded by steep mountains with 70,000 sheep and 2 million pairs of seabirds in the skyline. And always remember their world’s largest flock of storm petrels. Undeniably, Faroe Islands are awesome for nature lovers and to those who are looking for peace and some time alone far from the busy and loud streets of grass, mountains, sea cliffs, deep Blue Ocean and fresh air are the main reasons why people visit Faroe Islands. It is like heaven on earth. It is a perfect time to adore its natural beauty and reflect on yourself.

Below are some of the greatest places you must not dare miss to visit in Faroe Islands:

Torshavn – The capital of Faroe Islands is one of the tiniest but magnificent cities in the world. Found in the southern part of the east coast of Streymoy, gives you a wonderful combination of the history and modern features of the city. A few of the city capital’s attractions are: Torshavn Dome – second oldest church in the country, Tinganes – an old town with small wooden houses and turf roofs, Listasavn Foroya – the Faroese Art Museum. You would also enjoy the idea of horseback riding around the town and surrounding villages, go bird watching, hiking or boat riding to the cliffs.

Gjogv – This place is at the far northern end of Eysturoy. It is great to go hiking on their hills to Ambadalur and witness their sea stack called Bugvin.

Mykins – This place is very great for a solitary reflection for this is the habitat of the thousands of migratory sea birds during summer season. The long, glorious and worthy hiking is what makes Mykins a favorite spot among travelers. And majority of them spend two days or more there because there is too many to see for just a day.

Fuglafjordur – This town is at the east coast of Esturoy at the corner of the bay expanding through the surrounding steep hills. While in town, you may go swimming at Varmakelda hot spring which is known to be medicinal. Other activities are scuba diving, boat trips, canoeing, bus trips and hiking. They also usually hosts lots of summer events which might be of your liking.

Famjin – It is found on the west coast of Suduroy confined by breath-taking high mountains. This quiet village is a great place to watch and enjoy sunset along with the beach. You will also see here the church where the first Faroese flag is put.

The tourist season in Faroe Islands is short. It begins in May and ends in September. The biggest volume of tourists usually goes between July and August. if you are thinking of visiting Faroes Islands but prefer not so crowded and busy times, late May to early June are the best days to pack your things and visit the paradise of Faroe Islands.

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