Virgo Men – Virgo As a Lover

If you want to take a Virgo as a lover don’t jump into bed with him on the first date. I know, I can’t believe I’m saying it either, but unlike most male signs of the Zodiac, the Virgo man (who is symbolized by, need I remind you… a Virgin) might be completely appalled by your willingness to have sex too early.

For him, good old-fashioned manners reign supreme. I can’t guarantee he’ll even try to kiss you on the first date, let alone go in for the kill. Speaking of, you might even have to ask him on your first date, at least if you want it to happen in this century. A Virgo man is hopelessly shy and not at all domineering.

What a Virgo man wants above all else is a woman who makes him feel secure. Don’t play hard to get, or you’ll get absolutely nothing from this shy soul. You’re way more likely to seduce him with hugs and sweet notes stuck on his mirror than lewd displays of affection. That said, if you’ve got a stash of porn videos in your living room, take a moment to remove them before you invite him over for dinner. Chances are good you’ll scare him off before you even get to the appetizer.

Going along with that, the Virgo man is reserved. He doesn’t want a woman who will scream his name from the rooftops (even if it’s during sex). Don’t over-flatter and don’t come on too strong because he’ll never believe it.

Being symbolized by a virgin has its drawbacks when it comes to… sex. Not the most overtly sexual guy, the Virgo man is super shy when it comes to making out or making a move. Does that mean you’ll never get any? No, he’s still a man for goodness sake. It’s just that you might need to wear the pants when it comes to sex, at least until he gets under the covers and turns the lights out.

What does that mean? Let’s just say you might need to buy the condoms. Hell, you might even need to put them on for awhile. But once you do, you’ll be surprised by how good, solid and consistent sex can be.

So it may all sound a little boring at first glance. And I’m not going to lie, you might need to be a little patient as the Virgo man warms up to the idea of being romantic with you. Still, once he does, you’ll have a partner for life. And that, my girls, is not boring at all.

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