Why You Should Use Sandstone Pavers for Outdoor Flooring

Audrey J. Powers

If you are considering giving your home exterior a new look or starting on your new home, then Sandstone pavers may be just what you need to get the job done. Unlike inside the house, the exteriors are usually exposed to different environmental factors and this could greatly affect the flooring, painting, or pretty much anything not covered. This means that you have to take extra care to ensure that whatever you use outdoors can withstand their effect.

Also, your home exterior is what most people see and it can tell a lot about your taste in home design. Therefore as much as you pay attention to your home interiors you should also give some thought to the outside as well. One good way to do this is by installing a nice flooring. Sandstone pavers could be a good option for you.



There are several reasons why the flooring is ideal for this purpose. Let’s see a few of them


Cleaning is very easy, and so is the maintenance of sandstone pavers. You only require a few cleaning materials to get the job done. These items include; a mop, broom, sponge, and a cleaning solution. The cleaning process involves sweeping the pavers, applying the cleaning solution, scrubbing the floor, and then finally rinsing and wiping off the floor.

These steps can be completed in just a little time especially when there are enough hands on ground for the job. However, you need to be careful about the kind of cleaners you use.

Cleansers that are alkaline or acidic can damage the floor by breaking down the sealer and this can affect the durability of the sandstone paver. It takes little to maintain the floor. You only need to rinse the floor once in a while to keep its spark. If you have a tree nearby, ensure to get rid of fallen leaves as often as you can.

Beautiful floor

This flooring has amazing aesthetic features. The earthy look compliments the natural environment outside. They come in different colors meaning that there are varieties to choose from. To make it even more appealing for outdoor use, you can choose a color that matches the painting of your house. But before you do this, there are other factors to consider.

Since outdoor flooring is exposed to dirt, using white sandstone pavers may not be ideal for an area where people walk all the time. You can consider using it on your balcony instead, or if you have your private place. The varied patterns on each piece of the pavers make it a very unique flooring option.


Why You Should Use Sandstone Pavers for Outdoor Flooring


They last long

The rugged look of these pavers says it all. Since they are made from natural sources, they can last for long period. This flooring can withstand different environmental conditions which is a major reason to use it outdoors. Its durability surpasses that of most flooring, especially the synthetic types. So if you want something that can serve you for as long as you want, sandstone pavers could be your best bet.

Installation is easy

With the right professional skills, installing sandstone can be easy. Contrary to their look, sandstone pavers are easy to cut into shape. Likewise, it can be easily fastened with cement. One interesting thing about this flooring is that it is replaceable. If in the future, you decide to have a different look on the house exterior, you can easily replace each piece of the pavers with the new one.

You can explore different options

There are different places to try out these flooring. What’s more beautiful than procuring an item with more than one utility? Since they are hard and resistant to environmental conditions, you can explore your surroundings with these sandstone pavers.


Why You Should Use Sandstone Pavers for Outdoor Flooring


Where else can you use it?

The pool surrounding

This flooring is great for pool areas. They stay cool for most hours of the day and could give a satisfying feeling underfoot. However, before using sandstone pavers for the pool area, ensure you seek professional advice on whether this is suitable for your flooring.

This is because water that is treated with chlorine can damage the sealant of the pavers and affect their durability, likewise salt water can also be dangerous. However, this does not affect all sandstone flooring. Some have been made to be resistant to salt attacks. This is more reason why you need professional advice before starting.


Why You Should Use Sandstone Pavers for Outdoor Flooring


Farm area

If you wish to extend the flooring to your farm area, then there’s room for that. However, note that the farm area is prone to dirt, and possibly mud, so you have to pay attention to the type of pavers you use here. It’s best if the flooring has a color that can accommodate the dirt without making it look so obvious. The beige sandstone could be a very good option.

Garden walkway

Sandstone pavers are beautiful on garden walkways, especially if your flowers are in full bloom. The beautiful colors of the petals complement the pavers and it’s such a wonderful view. You can also use this flooring for landscaping and also for walls. It goes very well with paintings.

Sandstone pavers are ideal for outdoor use, and you’ll be surprised how beautiful they will make your home look. Ensure that the flooring is properly sealed. You can speak to the contractor on what type of sealant to use. Sealants can help to easily get rid of stains on the floor and some act as binding agents for the pavers making them harder and more durable. Given the ruggedness of this flooring, there could be no better option for your outdoor needs.

But does this mean that there are no limitations to it? Well, there are. Some of the major drawbacks of this kind of flooring are that it is relatively porous, meaning that it can retain water and the downside to this is that molds can potentially grow on the floor. Also, the floor is subject to scratching so you have to be more careful. But aside from these, sandstone pavers are great for your home.


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