7 Best Online Interior Design Services of 2022

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best online interior design services
Image credit, Decorilla

A full-blown trend to stay, online interior design services are transforming the way we access interior design help. It’s the magic combination of professional design guidance, affordable prices, plus an easy and quick process that is attractive to people everywhere.

These and so many wonderful experiences with our virtual interior design team have encouraged a closer look at the top online interior design services to try in 2022.

Here are the best online interior design services to virtually decorate your room:

  • Best DIY Online Interior Design Service: RoomLift
  • Best Free Online Interior Design Service: Pottery Barn
  • Best Overall Online Interior Design Service: Decorilla
  • Online Interior Design Services Compared Side-By-Side

Full List of Online Interior Design Services

1. Spacejoy

Spacejoy online interior decorator bedroom results Image credit, Spacejoy

HOW IT WORKS: As a virtual interior design service for all room types except kitchens and bathrooms, Spacejoy clients receive wonderful designs from one online interior designer. After uploading current images of the space, an initial questionnaire, and other requirements, 1-2 designs from one designer are provided. However, the number of allowed revisions is based on the selected level of service. Shopping lists are curated for each client, but Spacejoy doesn’t pass on any trade discounts like other online interior design services do.

COST: Spacejoy offers 3 levels of service, with prices ranging from $129-259 per room.

TURNAROUND: Designs are provided within 7-10 days of starting

Realistic 3D rendering, Decorilla glamorous living room

HOW IT WORKS: All clients experience complete and personalized online interior design help beginning with an initial one-on-one consultation and interactive questionnaire to start. You receive design concepts from multiple designers based on your requirements and budget with constant designer communication. Next, your selected designer works with you to finalize your design in photorealistic 3D renderings (incorporating new and existing items together to scale). They also create a color palette, floor plan, and online shopping list using great designer discounts.

Among other things, clients say they love the: in-home and phone consultations, savvy user-friendly online platform, realistic 3D renderings for easy visualization, and online shopping assistance with 10% to 25% discounts at popular stores like Wayfair and Crate and Barrel. According to CNN, “Decorilla is the gold standard among online interior design services we tested” and it was selected as the #1 overall best online interior design service of 2022 in their report.

COST: Each room has 3 levels of flat-rate packages to choose from, ranging from $549 to $1849. Customized packages starting at $75 are also available.

TURNAROUND: 3-5 weeks; projects may be expedited or extended according to client timelines

Realistic 3D rendering, Decorilla living room

Decorilla virtual interior decorator realistic 3d renderings
Realistic 3D rendering, Decorilla master bedroom results

Decorilla online interior design services moodboard
Decorilla initial concept moodboard

Room designing online - Decorilla floorplan
Decorilla floorplan & furniture layout

Decorilla Virtual Interior Design Shopping List
Online interior design shopping list – Decorilla

Decorilla designing a room online final result
Realistic 3D rendering, Decorilla master bedroom

online interior design services Decorilla Eleni Psyllaski

Elevations for built-in closet, Decorilla online interior design service

Realistic 3D rendering, Decorilla bathroom renovation

Schedule a Free Online Interior Design Consultation from one of Decorilla’s online interior decorators today. Or if you’re ready to get started, Choose a Design Package that suits you with a click of a button!

3. Modsy

online interior design services Modsy
Image credit, Modsy

HOW IT WORKS: Modsy Design is an online interior design service that allows clients to see furniture products and get realistic 3D visuals of how they will look in their homes. Firstly, a questionnaire including requirements, room measurements, and photos allows one of Modsy’s designers to create two 3D rendering options for each paid room design. Users also have the ability to swap out any of the furniture with other pieces in Modsy’s 3D furniture catalog. The furniture catalog includes pieces from over one hundred vendors that clients have access to for an unlimited amount of time. For a $20 ordering fee, clients can shop on Modsy’s online interior design platform. Most importantly, Modsy Design will price match the best available online furniture pricing.

Currently, Modsy Design does not design kitchens or baths, curtains or window treatments, nor custom or track lighting. However, it is a perfect solution if the project requirements are simple, as they can give a designer touch that caters to all interior design styles.

best online interior design services
Virtual interior design, Modsy

COST: The e-design company offers a Premium Package for $179/room where clients receive 2 initial renderings from one designer and can edit the renderings by themselves. Alternatively, the Modsy cost for a Luxe package is $499. In this case, clients work 1:1 with a paired Modsy designer who submits 2 initial proposals and is available to edit the design and answer questions as they come up through the Modsy online interior design process.

TURNAROUND: The E-design plan is ready within 2 weeks.

online interior designer modsy virtual designer
Modsy design final 3D renderings

online interior design service modsy vs havenly
Modsy design final 3D renderings

4. Havenly

havenly vs laurel and wolf
Havenly design layered rendering

HOW IT WORKS: From decor advice or furniture recommendations to whole room designs, Havenly Design offers wonderful correspondence with an online interior designer. The process starts with taking a style quiz followed by having you upload images and measurements of your space. With your information, your online interior designer proposes some themes and looks, to begin with. Then, designers present a final concept board complete with layout, new furniture, and accessories. The initial themes from a Havenly designer are in a moodboard format whereas the final concept is a 2D layered rendering. As a result, this helps to better visualize the room.

Havenly vs Modsy 

The difference between Havenly vs Modsy is that Modsy offers concepts in a realistic 3D format. Havenly and other online interior design services, like Decorist, provide final interior design concepts in moodboards and two-dimensional layered renderings vs the reali
stic 3D renderings from services like Modsy and Decorilla. Furthermore, the other main difference between Modsy
vs Havenly is that Havenly Design lets clients choose their online interior designer, while Modsy pairs clients with their interior designer based on their style quiz. Both Havenly and Modsy offer two initial concepts from one designer and price match the best available furniture prices online. While Modsy Design does not offer online bathroom and online kitchen interior design, Havenly Design offers simple interior design help for bathrooms and kitchens.

Havenly vs Decorilla
Havenly design moodboard

COST: Their online interior design services include a sprucing up service, the Havenly Mini, starting at $79 per room. For $129, the Havenly Full cost includes concept boards and product suggestions found in the Havenly Mini, in addition to furniture layout and additional revision time.

TURNAROUND: As little as 1 to 2 weeks with Havenly Mini and 2 to 3 weeks with Havenly’s Full online interior design help package.

Check out this guide to online design services if you’re looking for help from Moving.com

Online Interior Design Services Compared Side-by-Side

Havenly vs Modsy vs Decorilla vs Decorist vs Spacejoy comparison

5. roomLift 

Roomlift home designing online (1)
Image credit, roomLift

HOW IT WORKS: You can expect to begin with a style quiz and sharing details about your space, preferences, and lifestyle. RoomLift online interior designers use this information to assemble a physical box of paint, wallpaper, and other textile samples, in addition to a scaled floor plan. They’ll also include cards for furnishing and decor selections. Designers are also available for two 15-minute phone or email consultations about the designs. Clients make purchases directly from the recommended vendors at standard retail prices, without any assistance or discounts from RoomLift.

COST: 20 minute design consultations are offered at $100 each. RoomLift boxes are available for accessories at $750, or an entire room for $1500.

TURNAROUND: Physical boxes arrive in about 2 weeks.

6. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn Room Designing Online Bedroom Result
Image credit, Pottery Barn

HOW IT WORKS: The design process begins with requesting an appointment (available online, in-store, or in-home) and completing a short form of questions with the type of design you’re looking for. Pottery Barn virtual interior decorators handle all types and sizes of projects from accent recommendations to a full floor plan. The service includes ordering and delivery assistance, installation setup (for an additional cost), and product recommendations. However, these products will be limited to selections from Pottery Barn and their sister companies.

COST: Free

TURNAROUND: Time frame varies depending on designer availability and project size.

7. Decorist

Decorist online interior design service
Image credit, Decorist

HOW IT WORKS: All projects begin by choosing a room package and providing details about your space and budget. You’ll also share photos of your room along with inspiration images. Then, clients will be matched with a Decorist online interior designer. On the other hand, clients may also choose who they’d like to work with. Afterward, two beautiful initial concepts are provided based on the client’s requirements from one designer. From there, the designs can be revised up to three times until a final end result is achieved. In the end, the final package includes a 2D layered room design, floor plan, set-up instructions, and a shopping list. You’ll also have access to Decorist’s helpful shopping concierge service, which matches any online prices but does not provide additional discounts beyond that.

Decorist vs Havenly Designs

While both companies offer similar services, the main difference between Decorist vs Havenly is in the final deliverables. Havenly has the option for the final package to include 3D renderings whereas Decorist only provides 2D moodboards. Decorist also has the option to work with celebrity online interior designers, however, Havenly designs does not. After getting started with a style quiz, Decorist includes two initial concepts from one designer while Havenly includes 3 from one designer. Additionally, both virtual interior design firms include a shopping concierge service, but neither pass along furniture and decor discounts, as seen at companies like Decorilla online interior design. Havenly designs has higher reviews versus Decorist online, but Decorist is able to accommodate kitchen and bathroom projects, where Havenly is not.

Decorist vs Havenly Design
Decorist online interior design concept board

COST: Decorist offers three tiers of online interior design services with varying levels of online designer experience. For example, the lower Classic package pairs you with an entry-level designer for $299/room. Whereas an Elite Room Design for $599 pairs you with an experienced designer, while the Celebrity Room Design at $1,299 gets you a top interior designer.

TURNAROUND: On average, it takes about 2-3 weeks to complete the online interior design process. However, it is important to note that projects with Celebrity interior designers can take 1-2 months.

See more online interior design service benefits highlighted in this article about interior design services online.


How much is a virtual interior designer?

The cost of online interior designers varies depending on the service and what is included. Some furniture brands offer free design services to help promote purchases of their products. For other virtual interior design services, you can expect to pay anywhere between $80 – $2,000 for room designing online. Keep in mind, these prices are still a fraction of the cost of traditional interior design.

How do online interior design services work?


Online interior design services streamline the process of getting a home design you’ll love. Most projects begin with a short questionnaire, sharing photos of your space, and perhaps a style quiz to determine your requirements and preferences. Since you’re not limited to location, your choice of designers is greatly expanded. Additionally, clients are able to be as involved or hands-off as they choose while their designer works on the concepts. In the end, the designer will provide you with a custom design presented as a floorplan, moodboard, or 3D renderings. Packages also usually include furniture and decor recommendations. In addition, many services include ordering assistance and some even offer discounts on your purchases.

Online interior decorator living and dining room results
Decorilla online interior decorator living and dining room results

Ready to Give Virtual Interior Design a Try?

With wonderful options like these, it’s no wonder that the notion of online interior design services is hitting its stride. Still wondering if it’s for you? Then, Schedule a Free Consultation with Decorilla to see which options are right for you and to ensure you get the best results possible.

online interior design service

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